De'Longhi CGH902C 5-in1 Grill and Griddle - £39 @ Tesco. Free click and collect

De'Longhi CGH902C 5-in1 Grill and Griddle - £39 @ Tesco. Free click and collect

Found 11th Aug 2016
Comes with 2 sets of removable & dishwasher safe plates, grill & griddle
Drains away fat & grease for healthier cooking
Contact mode or fully opens up for larger cooking surface

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Great find, no reviews on Tesco website. Wonder if John Lewis would Pricematch further, on their website at £94.39 already with Pricematch.
Nice find OP. Cheapest out there by far but looking at reviews it does not bring me confidence. I can not believe other sites still sell it for £90.

Check here for reviews:…275…8E8
Poor reviews on Amazon.
Probably OOS as can not finish checkout :-(
Uff after few times I made it.
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Was initially interested but poor reviews on other sites.
Poor reviews are about paint peeling off the controls and logo, grill itself is great. Will risk it.
good price but to many bad reviews so I am keeping away!
Great find and heat given, but please DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE.

I got this last time it was on offer, and it was complete rubbish. Ended up returning it and went back to the George Foreman.

There is a design fault with this machine, when you lift the lid, all of the oil drains off the top grill plate and ends up on the back of the machine, all over the electrical wire at the back of the machine and and all over your worktop.

The ridges on the plates are too deep and the angle of the grills plates is not steep enough, so the oil/fat stays on the bottom grill plate and ends up making a horrible burning smell. The oil only drains off a very small part of the bottom grill (see the pictures, it is the bottom/right of the plate), if there is a lot of oil/fat draining off, it can get blocked, meaning the oil/fat will not drain off the grill at all.

The writing on the dials will only last a few days, one day you will be cleaning the grill and the writing will come off. I used the grill three times and most of the writing had come off.

Looks great, but trust me, not worth purchasing (even at this price).

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Makes good panini also
I strongly recommend the tefal optigrill over this and even the George foreman grills!

Bought it a while back and I've been using it non stop. has various settings for different meats and automatically tells you when your meat is rare, medium or well done.
Thought I give one a go. Says out of stock online but there were 3 @ Tesco Stourbridge. Now 2 so worth a look instores.

Reviews don't fill me with confidence but can't imagine it not being worth £39 to me as I don't have a cooker, just a Combination Microwave and was looking for this kind of device the last few weeks so I can change things up with some grilling and cooking more than one thing at a time.
I wanted the option to remove and swap plates to flat ones for cooking eggs and the like.

I can certainly see how the fat can drip from the top plate onto the counter top and wire but most of these type of devices are the same though the wire is protected by a metal tube.

Oh and there's always the 12 month guarantee I believe if it packs up.
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