De'Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier for £109.99 @ Amazon Free Delivery

De'Longhi DEM10 Compact Dehumidifier for £109.99 @ Amazon Free Delivery

£109.99Amazon Deals
Found 19th Dec 2014
Find this deal in Amazon. Looking one for myself to dry clothes..This one is absolutely a fabulous deal priced £109.99 down from £159.99.

It's got 10litre/day extraction rate.2Litre Water tank capacity and highly efficient.It's also got electronic anti frost setting for colder periods.
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Have you checked the reviews? I select a lot of time researching ours and went for the meaco, I'm so impressed at how it dries the clothes too
I had one of these....once. I now have a meaco, there is no comparison.
Hi Meaco is bot moe expensive at the moment..I have read the reviews...Its very positive..
I bought this on Amazon lightning deal for 90 pounds.
It works great. It removes lot of water from moisture.

But , It makes lot of sound. Sometimes, I could not sleep when it is on.
good deal.. heat added..
The only people I know that have these are mates that are renting crummy sub standard flats from shyster landlords

I had one of these....once. I now have a meaco, there is no comparison.

Which model Meaco do you have?
I think EcoAir ECO DD122FW is much better than this but 40 quid extra

Which model Meaco do you have?

Its the 10l modelGot it from Lewis.(2 weeks ago) free del. and a 2 year guarantee. £119.99. Only place that offered a 2 yr guarantee as standard, elsewhere was a 1 yr. The DeLonghi one I had (also a 10l) would have been more use with a 2 yr G.Tee! This model is also quier than the DeLonghi. But be aware all dehumidifiers make a noise.

I had one of these....once. I now have a meaco, there is no comparison.

Surely there is a comparison. Unless they’re identical.
Got to say I agree with the meaco comments, sold my meaco ddl8 jnr in the summer. ( needed the cash ) bought a cheaper one when the condensation started to reappear. Worst thing I could of done. Meaco used to drain 2 litres a water a night, when I had it running Amazing!!!
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I think that the De'longhi is a good machine. It's mechanical so a little louder than desiccant models plus it is better used in smaller houses.

Of course with dehumidifiers it's all about the size of the area that you want to control. Get a dehumidifier that is too small and you'll still have excess moisture in the air, get one too big and you are wasting running costs.

In my opinion the best dehumidifier for the British Isles is a desiccant model as they cost less to run at lower temperatures, are generally quieter and are eco-friendly. Most dehumidifiers don't operate under 0c however mechanical models heat the surrounding air much more than desiccant models.

For two good models google:

EcoAir Eco DD122FW Dehumidifier Review
Prem-I-Air Xtreem10 Dehumidifier Review

I review all 3 (Delonghi, EcoAir and Prem-I-Air) on my site but I think it's against the rules to link to the site from this page.
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