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Posted 10 September 2022

Delonghi esam 4200 bean to cup machine - £279 @ De'Longhi UK Store

£319£49936% off
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Easy to use automatic coffee maker with manual Cappuccino System for perfect milk froth, and hot water delivery system.

Add descaler to basket to get it for free.

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  • Coffee based beverages at the touch of a button
  • Brew 2 espresso cups at the same time
  • Creamy milk foam thanks to the manual milk frother
  • Customise aroma and quantity
  • Glossy, dynamic silver finish

OFFER: Add a 500ml bottle of descaler, absolutely free, only when you buy this model direct from De'Longhi! Offer ends soon! No code needed.
De'Longhi UK More details at De'Longhi UK
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    Keep an eye on their official eBay store for refurbished ones. I got one just last week for 168 quid, and it's in complete mint condition and works perfectly. Refurb is the way to go in this day and age for me
    You are absolutely right. Delonghi often participate in eBay discount code promotions when you can get fantastic deals on refurbs, not just this model. I have posted deals and comments in past recommending the Delonghi outlet site but a lot of folks on here don't fancy the idea of a "second hand" coffee maker. I can understand that normally but the Delonghi refurbs that I have had have been immaculate.
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    I think it is the normal price or even a little expensive at this price. I know there is no time machine but I paid £230 2 years ago which I think is a fair/good price level to aim at. Good machine and has not missed a beat for 2 years.
    This is good value at this point in time. Good to hear it's a good machine
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    Ouch, these have really gone up in price!
    Yeah! I have an alert for these on here and I was waiting for price to be £180 again, don’t think it’s going to happen…

    The only machines that price are the ‘used - acceptable’ at Amazon (edited)
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    Got mine for £168, it's been a brilliant machine. £279 is steep though!
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    Granted time machine required etc... But I got this for £199 circa 8 years ago (new).

    However I can report it still works and makes great coffee for what it is.
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    It’s the better model than some of the newer ones that have been released
    That is worrying. I have this one and it keep asking to descale even when not in use for weeks after last descaling
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    Paid £269 from Delonghi direct. Happy as got 2 years warranty and free descaler.
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    Great machine I paid £199 6 years ago only Achilles heel is the steam knob , I’ve been thru about 4 snapping off , on eBay/ Amazon for about £10 though.
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    000000000I was considering buying one of these for £265 on the Delonghi website two days ago. Clearly its too late to get it for £265 and £279 may well be a good price. (edited)
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    Mmm coffee. Had it a year. Not missed a beat.... /Buy one...
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    Have one of these for years, these are practically indestructible! They just work once they are maintained well. Super machine albeit a bit dated.
    how do you get on with the 'overly keen' descaling light?
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    You could argue that this is not really a bean to cup because you need to steam the milk. Either way, where this machine will let you down is in the grinder. It's not a burr grinder and the grind settings probably aren't fine enough.

    While it might be a little more money, you will get far better results with something like the Sage Bambino Plus (has an auto steam wand that is amazing) and the Sage Smart Grinder Pro. Both go on sale occasionally at Sage and you can also often get a further discount code that stacks from Kev's Coffee Blog.
    Not really. It's a bean to cup machine as it puts the beans in the cup...am I missing something that you know about here? Haha I really can't be bothered messing around grinding it separately. The sage Bambino plus is a different type of machine. ( Appreciate it prob makes better coffee though!)
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    How do these compare to the likes of Tassimo? Is it like “absolutely no comparison just buy one”, or not a discernible difference
    I'd say it depends on what you value. You can choose your own beans, and at this price point it does a good job of turning it into espresso. But being all in one means if you like to have different types of coffee you need to use up the beans in the hopper before you can change (Vs pod systems). It's fairly large. Less environmental impact / waste with lack of pods and easier to compost the grounds. A bit annoying to clean. Steam wand could be more powerful and you have to do things in a specific order but does the job well enough. Our machine gets used maybe 3-5 times per day, have had it for years, we switched from Nespresso and wouldn't go back.
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    I love mine.. but it's not without its issues. (I have 2 both have the same issues):

    It will occasionally fail to tamp the ground coffee properly.. and it'll the just fill the bottom half of the machine with ground coffee..

    Steam can get up the chute the grounds come down.. and cause blockages which are an utter and complete pain to unblock (as you can't access from the top, and access from the bottom is 90% impossible)

    Sometimes it's software just goes mad.. and you can't turn it on or off as it thinks the plunger mechanism is on a state it isn't.

    Its a faff to keep the back of the door clean because of all the weird sticky out bits.

    The grind is no where near fine enough even at the bottom of the scale.

    It will occasionally flood the kitchen side if bits of coffee get in the valve for the water container.. which is more often than I'd like due to the utter mess it makes when it fails to tamp properly.

    And the last annoying thing is the 'empty me' indicator.. sometimes the grounds hopper or water are full and it needs emptying.. but mostly it's just random and there may only be 1 puck in there when it's asking to be emptied. You can't ignore it you have to remove and reseat it to get the light off and brew.

    I suspect these are why there are thousands and thousands of refurbs available.. people return it rather than clean and reset it.

    That said.. it's still excellent...when it's working. (edited)
    I've had this machine since 2016 and had no such problems as yourself, I think the machine grinds the coffee too fine on max but I guess it depends what beans you're using.
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    It makes decent coffee but not a fan of the steam wand. Seems better if you take the plastic shroud off but I feel the fact that it's at 90° pointing straight down makes it harder to get decent micro foam. Not sure if there's a mod for this....anyone? (edited)
    I am a little perplexed by your comment, all steam wands point downwards at 90degrees right?
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    These can be had at £277 most of the time, this isn't really a deal.
    Dammit, where's my time machine gone again...