Delonghi ESAM 6700 for £750 at Selfridges (RRP is £1350)

Delonghi ESAM 6700 for £750 at Selfridges (RRP is £1350)

Found 25th Jun 2013
This is a high end automatic bean to cup coffee machine. The RRP is £1350 and the machine is approx £950+ at other retailers. £750 is a very good price if you are in the market for one of these.

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Top of the range machine,will get cold here as £750 is a lot of money and not everyone knows what a good coffee it makes.
By the way, eBay seller gtanottm sells these and similar coffee machines as refurbished for half that price. Bought one 3 years ago from him and still using it and enjoying perfect cup of coffee Came absolutely new, with just 3 cups of coffee made on the counter(factory test) with just mangled packaging.
why cold?? This is a great deal, at least £200 cheaper than anywhere else for an awesome machine.... To be voted hot you need to post a deal for 4 dodgy chocolate mousses at Tesco for 20p. Unbelievable. Thank you buzby22 for a great find.
Hot, I would love one but can't justify £750 on a coffee machine (or can I??)
I have one of these and it is brilliant.m it is one of those items that I would replace at the drop of a hat if it ever went wrong. Thanks for the info re eBay though.
They share the internals with the cheaper machines. The problem with this is that it still has a single burner, so if you enjoy a "long" americano it simply passes more water through the coffee causing a bitter taste (over extracted).

This is easily remedied by adding water to the espresso shot from a kettle - which i do on my 4200 model (£350)

Not sure i would justify an extra 400 quid for a milk frother though...

This one actually has two boilers - one for milk and one for coffee. The 4200 has just one and cannot add or heat milk. The ability to make your cappuccino, caffe latte, or latte macchiato with a one button push is worth it, although there ate a couple of slightly cheaper models that can do this.
It still creates a long drink by passing more water through the puk though - right?

If you only drink milk based drinks then agree this is perfect. I prefer Americano's
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If it's anything like my Delonghi from the eBay man, the way to make Americanos is to select a double espresso, then top this up with hot water from the machine's water spout. Ok, it takes two button presses....
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