De'Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Coffee Grinder £27.20 delivered @ Amazon

De'Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Coffee Grinder £27.20 delivered @ Amazon

Found 26th Oct 2013
Excellent price for an 'entry' level burr grinder (no chopping here!). Can't find this cheaper, new and delivered anywhere. It's not a Mazzer or Anfim but it isn't over £350 either. There are hacks available online if you want an even finer grind!
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A really good price for an amazing value grinder. Heat!!
Looking for something to get a good espresso grind with and was set on a Hario hand grinder (Amazon price seems to wildly fluctuate) but I am all for an electric one (I am lazy, especially in the morning), does anyone know how this one compares?
Bought this one a month ago, very happy with it. Heat added.
Had one of these for about a year. Great budget grinder. Mine cost £17 from Dunelm but this is the best price at present.
well i have been using the same krups grinder for well over 25 years, did not think they still made them but it appears they do as i found one here, different colour as mine was white when it was new but it is showing it's age a little now as it ain't very white now
A proper grinder for great tasting coffee .....forget those cheap blade things........
Had this about a year and a half!

Brilliant grinder although I've heard some coffee connoisseurs say it doesn't grind the beans thin though. But I've never had a problem
Hot from me. Wanted this model for ages.
I've had one for years and did the 'hack' a while back, including removing the screws. It can certainly grind it fine enough one modded (I have to knock it back a few notches to get a 25ish second extraction). I guess you pay the extra for a consistent grind in the big money ones, but I really doubt I could tell.
Standard this wasn't all too great for espresso but once modded it's pretty good. The modding is basically just twisting the knob until it goes past the finest grind setting and this makes the grind even finer.
Great for my filter coffee. Had it a while and just got a new one as I broke. Got from Argos for £27 using the £5 gift voucher they gave out last week.
Voted hot as good price for a good grinder.
Best place for coffee beans - Hasbean online
Didn't realise there was mods to make it finer grind. Did think the expresso grind was a bit thick tbh. But decent burr for price
Price is up to £32 now
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