DELONGHI Perfecta ESAM5400 Espresso Machine £299 @ Currys

DELONGHI Perfecta ESAM5400 Espresso Machine £299 @ Currys

Found 28th Dec 2013
RRP - £549.99 (Not that we ever pay RRP!)
Ultimate bean-to-cup quality espresso/cappuccino machine with professional 15 bar pump pressure
For use with fresh coffee beans and ground coffee
Built-in traditional steam pipe with milk carafe for one-touch milk frothing
Electronic temperature control, double boiler system, automatic shut-off, active cup warmer and removable drip tray
Easy one-touch operation with digital control panel, illuminated icon display and integrated professional burr grinder
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£412 on Amazon…8T4 4/5 star reviews. I've been looking for a a bean to cup for a long while. Can anyone help me with advice on a better model that is also value for money? I know you can spend thousands, but this seems really good!
I can only imagine this has gone cold as it has been posted before.

It IS a deal.

For me, at this price point the only other consideration is the 5500 which has a milk container too. Also massively reduced at Currys.
Thanks Stu, I searched and found that it had been posted at £349 at Amazon almost 2 weeks ago. I personally don't drink milk, so if that is the only difference, this works out great for me.
I've just bought the ESAM 04.320 from John Lewis at around £329 in their sale and it is the best coffee machine I've ever used. This by the looks of it is an even better offer for a better machine. Get it whilst you can.

Your probably getting cold votes because its not an Apple product and its not the same/better price than a travel kettle.

Voted HOT!
Hot from me
plug-in milk carafe Where???
I think that was a typo, apologies - I will edit now. Thanks for pointing it out.
You're welcome Gaz.

Don't forget the free cups on offer from Delonghi - Free Cups

There is another offer with the 5500 which 'allows' you to join the Coffee Club giving you a free maintenance kit and a free first service.

I have had a Magnifica S for some time now and we love it.

It was the 5500 posted previously, not the 5400.

5500 Link
Great machines and a great company to deal with. I've got the previous model. I broke the door catch cleaning it, phoned them up and told them what I'd done. The courier collected it the next day and 3 days later I had it back, repaired free of charge. I've had it over 3 years now and if it breaks down I wont hesitate before buying a new one.
I'd love to see why some vote these machines cold. I can only assume they don't write a reason because they don't have one.
Really useful to have the link to the 5500, and the free cups just adds more to this awesome deal! (That's my opinion of course!) the 5500 is £374.99 and looks to have pretty good reviews.
My parents have reserved a 5400 for collection earlier today. One thing I couldn't clear up Gaz is the water softening cartridge situation with the 5400. I read the manuals on the 5400 and the 5500, which don't mention it for 5400 but do for the 5500.
It says that the box includes 1 x descaler - could that be it? When I looked at descaling, the pdf I found states that : certain models come with a water softener filter - if yours does not it is recommended that you purchase one from an authorized dealer.
There is a de scaler solution. Could be that.

Maybe someone who has one can clear it up.
Great price. Heat added. Thanks.
where is the best place to buy beans for this?
Depends what you like. I buy mine on regular trips to Belgium.

If you like Lavazza then Costco sell a kilo for around £8.

For fresh beans I tend to use As far as I'm aware they're still the cheapest for coffee roasted to order.
Just finished setting up and checking out the settings. I am so happy with this machine it is ridiculous!
Thank you Lee078,I am going to try out your link for coffee too!
Had a look at my Parents one this evening, very slick.

Gaz as I'm sure you've now realised no option for a softening filter in the 4400.

Dad is struggling to get to grips with the settings to get a nice coffee but hopefully he'll experiment.
There were more settings than I expected, and for a good half an hour, I just played and made various cups of coffee (it says that the first few won't be of the highest quality, so I didn't see it as a waste). I'm not sure I know what everything does so I have left the manual close by just in case.

I have seen that the 5400 does not have a water softening feature, but the tester that came with it allows you to set hardness (so that the machine can then tell you when to run the descaling feature). However, we live in an area that has very soft water.

I find that most people don't use all of the settings, and after playing I found that I set the "My Coffee" to my favorite espresso cups, set the water dispenser to approx 150ml (default is 250ml) so that I can have an americano when I fancy it, and used the second to strongest setting - great crema, lovely taste - really happy that I can use grounds if I need to (especially if the in-laws are around as they like different coffee to myself) .
Can't believe this is only 23 of hotness, such a good deal. In fact you can make it better, and buy it for £256 if you don't mind a bit of hassle, and obviously it's subject to whether your cashback tracks and pays so doesn't change the HUKD headline price (howeverbut mine has tracked quickly.

Here's how to get it for £256

Price of 5400 model £299.99

Less £25 o2 priority moments voucher (if you don't have access to one via a friend you can just get a sim card (£1 in argos, prob free otherplaces), you don't need to top up, just use your Wifi on your smartphone to access the o2 app.

Balance £274. So buy £274 giftcard from Topcashback giftcards which gives 5% cashback at the moment.

1.57% cashback from Topcashback if you reserve and collect from currys.

Total = £256
I wish I had known about the priority moments! Damn! I've been using the machine daily after posting (well, 2 days after posting) and I absolutely love it. Great quality, consistent, hot (don't know what people are complaining about - you can set the temp anyway) coffee.

I hope others benefit from your advice Vaugi
Why expired? Still available online? Mods?
Thanks to OP for this deal. Also to vaugi for pointing out how to get it even cheaper.

Couple of questions before I order one.

Anyone know how long it's likely to remain at the £299 price? I believe the January sale is due to end on Monday 3rd Feb but read somewhere else that the 50% off coffee machine promo is due to continue for a bit longer?

Have read some reviews where owners have had at least one or more faults from their machine. Would it be advisable to take out a longer guarantee before the manufacturers one? Does it come with an one year or two year guarantee from Curry's?

Many thanks.

There are always reviews saying that a gadget has faults etc. The more I look into something, the more I notice them. People generally write a review when they are unhappy, it's an unfortunate trend. I've had mine since posting. Have used it every day since and love it. The in-laws have seen it and are getting one ASAP (before the promotion ends hopefully for them).

I think it comes with a 2 year guarantee. The reason I can't remember is because I purchased the "anything happens" guarantee for 5 years at £59. The reason for this is that I know I will be using it a lot. I mean, an unhealthy amount. If it goes, I want it to be repaired or replaced. It is a slightly older model, so I make the assumption that if it goes dead in 4 years, it will not be straightforward to repair in which case they will replace with an equivalent model. This is also true if the same thing goes wrong 3 times.
Thanks gazg for helpful reply.

How easy is it on the ESAM5400 model to fully customise your drink using the icon only display? I've watched a few in-depth reviews of the ESAM5600 on YouTube which also has a 2-line display and quite like the flexibility of tailoring my drink.
I vary strength depending on the bean, you have 4 or 5 strength settings. You can vary the amount of water dispensed through the beans - 20ml, 40ml, 60ml and 120ml if memory serves. However, most find that if you push too much water through the beans, you can get a bitter taste. To solve this, the steam wand also serves as a hot water dispenser (you can vary heat of water too by the way) and you can program how much water you want it to dispense in one go. The grind can also be varied from 1-7. I find that 5 (default) is great and I am experimenting with others.

I currently have it set so that one button dispenses approx 80ml of hot water and another button grinds, dispenses 40ml at strength setting '2' and I'm ready for my caffeine hit!

It took me a while to work the settings out, but it's not overly complicated and I find that all of the default settings are just right but I am experimenting because that's what I'm like
Purchased, what may well have been, the last one available yesterday. Any tips from owners of this machine on initial set-up, how to get the best results and also with regards to cleaning and descaling?

Many thanks.
Gutted that I only stumbled on this offer after the expiry date (15th January 2014) for claiming the free cup & saucer set. Did email De'longhi asking if it was a strict cut off date or whether they'd still supply the cups subject to stock availability. Reply said offer not available for purchases after 15th January.
Don't suppose anyone who was lucky enough to claim the free latte cups and saucers, wants to sell them for a reasonable price?
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