Delonghi toaster and kettle! - £29.75 @ Tesco Instore

Delonghi toaster and kettle! - £29.75 @ Tesco Instore

Found 2nd Oct 2014
Fantastic buy in my local tesco in Perth! They were marked as on offer at £49.75 but scanned at £29.75!!!!
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    Each? Or separately priced at 29.75
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    Separately priced sorry still a fantastic buy !
    I love these, such a nice design
    Model number? better picture?
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    Model numbers
    Toaster. CTJ4003.W
    Kettle. KBJ3001.W
    Thanks, I will check these out
    Just back from Glasgow Shettleston Tesco and these scanned at full price of £59.50, same as the shelf price
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    That's a shame.


    Those model codes are showing on Tesco Direct at £39.99 each. Not as good as op price but ok if instore are still £50+.
    Those model codes are showing on Tesco Direct at £39.99 each. Not as good as OP but ok if instore is still showing £50+.
    Best price is John Lewis online for £39.50 including 2 year warranty
    I had the toaster a few yrs back, didn't last past a year with light use. The levers, on lights etc just failed and fell off, maybe this is an updated version and is better build quality?
    Look like the Gherkin

    Look like nice bits of kit, always thought they were overpriced though.
    Friend bought me one of these kettles. Everybody comments on how nice it is
    bought them in sainsbury's for £35.00 each
    Create a new account at Tesco and get this for £34.99 online - TDX-HQ9T
    There's a few left in Sainsbury Coventry centre store, £24.99 for toaster and £24.99 for kettle, as the picture above but in matt black
    haven't put it as a deal because there were only 2 of each left, i got mine as the store was closing so there will be some tomorrow but as i said only a few. They look lovely but the buttons look a bit flimsy. How do you add picture of receipt?
    We got both of these and no longer use them. A case of 'looks good but doesn't go good'. They are nice enough quality but the toaster is woefully slow and the kettle is so noisy that you'll need ear muffs to stand next to it. Not sure if it's the shape that amplifies the sound.

    So ours are currently destined for the charity shop.

    Price ok though. Will not vote either way as I would not buy these models again even at this price.
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