Delta Plus Biological Automatic Washing Powder £1.64 for 4kg @ Netto

Delta Plus Biological Automatic Washing Powder £1.64 for 4kg @ Netto

Found 28th May 2010
Delta Plus Biological Washing Powder 4kg is only £1.64 at Netto. It's not an offer, it's a permanent price. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it's actually pretty good. The first one I bought was a 3kg box for the same price but Netto appear to have increased the size to 4kg. Weirdly their 2.4kg box of non-biological washing powder is also £1.64.

Tesco Value washing powder is £1.67 for 2kg, making it 3p more for half the amount. Essentially its double the price and not as good.

Asda Smart Price washing powder is £3.45 for 4kg, so again its more than double the price.

I can't find another shop that comes near Netto's price for the cheapest washing powder so I'm stocking up now before Asda takes over Netto and they stop selling it. Anyone know if washing powder goes off or will it keep forever?


i bought this last night.. delta plus - something i have never heard of before but they had a huge box, 100 washes for £5 so i bought it and will try it out.

altho i hope this does not clog up my washing machine

Is there anybody else selling Delta washing powder? We also think that it is the best value for money and my wife is devasted that she is now going to have to pay twice as much for an inferior product.
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