Deluxe 3 Course Valentines Meal - Luxury Starter + Mains + Dessert + Box Chocs! €10 / £8.50! @ Lidl Ireland

Deluxe 3 Course Valentines Meal - Luxury Starter + Mains + Dessert + Box Chocs! €10 / £8.50! @ Lidl Ireland

Found 9th Feb
Lidl IRISH Stores offer! Treat the one you love to our amazing Valentine’s Meal Deal.

Select from exquisite main course options like superb sirloin steaks, corn fed whole chicken, corn fed chicken breasts or salmon darnes; delicious side options like wedges or potato dauphinoise; delectable dessert options like cheesecake or salted caramel puddings, and chocolates all for €10 / £8.50

By far the best value Valentines luxury meal deal out there, some amazing food and one all the Irish based HUKD members, that normally get screwed over by the UK on postage and shipping deals on here!!


The Valentine's Day meal deal includes one side or starter, one main dish, one dessert and one box of chocolates for €10. One bottle of Pink Secco can be added to the Valentine's Day meal deal for an additional €6. This offer is valid between 11th - 14th February 2019


I have emailed Lidl UK HQ, to ask why or how there cannot be something similar for the UK stores, with the answer back that the 2 course is all the UK stores are doing.. not happy with that reply, I have sent the same email to nearly the whole executive board and director level staff at Lidl.. to see if the UK is being left out, due to Brexit or pure laziness..

Will update when they get back to me on Monday
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is it in uk stores
Yes for £9.00 !
Pricklerickle5 m ago

is it in uk stores

Not for £8.50 for the same items its not, priced it earlier in store and its £11.40 for the not so good stuff, as a starter / side + mains + dessert an no chocs!
mickeyhouse5 m ago

Yes for £9.00 !

Lowest I could get it down to, was £10.73 with a side that nobody liked!! The point is, the items in the Irish stores, all 4 of them, taking the 4 of the luxury ones, not the cheap everyday ones, are more here.. they are not £8.50... doubt I will get anywhere with it, but I have posted it to show the man I spoke to at their head office, via the store manager, that they should do the same items for the same price...
mickeyhouse2 m ago


Yes that is what started the debate off in store.. try it yourself in store, you cannot get the good stuff for £9!!
Heat for the effort alone.
healthandsafety7 m ago

Heat for the effort alone.

Cheers, like I said, if nothing comes of my point over it, with Lidl, at least its here before the deal starts monday, for reference!!
This website is hot UK deals.

Last time I looked Ireland wasn't in the UK
No champ!
Can't see starter on the pic
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