DELUXE Jamón Serrano Reserva (6.5–7.5kg) £39.99 @ Lidl Available now!

DELUXE Jamón Serrano Reserva (6.5–7.5kg) £39.99 @ Lidl Available now!

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Found 5th Mar 2015
61.5p - 53.3p/100g (stand not included)

Just picked one up this morning. Worth getting a stand if you enjoy buying it a couple times every year. Most importantly tastes awesome and lasts a long time
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Anyone know when the next £5 voucher is due?
Anyone wondering how well these will keep might be interested to know that the one we bought last October was kept cool, opened in early February, and is still in perfectly good condition.

Not the most tender of specimens, but good value for the price - very sharp knife for thin slicing essential.
"Ja-mon!....mutha fu**a!!
"Ja-mon!....mutha fu**a!!
I have been after one of these since before Xmas. Not had any for months (well not anytime I have visited), but they had a pallet load in Cwmbran, S.Wales store today and I picked one up. There were about 20 of them left.
Just bought one today, in Doncaster. Now reduced to £29.99, thinking about buying another for Christmas.....
£29.99! Might have to check my local just in case then, i still have one but would want another.
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