Deluxe Makeover and Photoshoot for One - Special Offer £9.50 (was £25) @ Virgin Experience days !!!!
Deluxe Makeover and Photoshoot for One - Special Offer £9.50 (was £25) @ Virgin Experience days !!!!

Deluxe Makeover and Photoshoot for One - Special Offer £9.50 (was £25) @ Virgin Experience days !!!!

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I purchased this earlier in the year for a friend on special offer at £15 (normally £25), so this is an absolute bargain. With Christmas coming up would make an ideal present - if nothing else, buy it as a cheap way to get a haircut for Christmas parties!!!

"Indulge in a haircut from a professional stylist at an award winning salon followed by a professional makeover and photoshoot. Your fantastic day will take place in a funky fashion studio where helpful and expert staff will ensure youll have a great experience!"

What's included

* Welcome & Consultation
* Intensive moisturising hair treatment
* Professional Make-up application]
* Professional hair cut
* Blow-dry and finish
* Professional photoshoot
* Portfolio viewing (digitally)
* Complimentary A4 Print (image included must be an individual shot of the voucher holder)
* Complimentary drinks available throughout
* Experience gift pack including smart wallet, personalised voucher and message card


Original Poster

Why cold when no one has said anything bad about this - £9.50 for something that was £25 seems cheap to me hence posted.

As for post on duplicate ref people selling products on the day, not my experience of this, nor the experience of anyone I know!

My daughter of 18 will love this - thank you

Seems like a bargain to me. Heat and rep from me. Others cold voting and not giving a reason.

sounds great! heat and rep added

Heat added, good deal.

Not really a bargain when they start the hard sell afterwards and you have spend hundreds on the photos, and it does happen.

Just make sure who you are getting it for is strong willed and not easily pressured.

Complimentary drinks available throughout

I wonder what the selection is, you could be up on the deal just on this....

really worth £9.50, been to one before but was given to me free in a wedding fayre for making a booking on the spot. couldnt believe how different i looked and felt when make up and hair was done professionaly. went there on a saturday so didnt have to bother to do hair and make up for sat nite out had loads of compliments. also you decide what look you want well worth it, why not buy some for couple of mates for hen party then go out afterwards it great fun

also they offer you to buy make up and photos afterwards but i didnt spend a penny you have free photo anyway. you cant really get a haircut for that price these days and that comes in package.

maybe the colds from us NI folk who can never get these offers, just a guess. i didnt vote cold, even though am jealous as hell, lol.

None in Scotland either! I pay £30 just to get my haircut so this a huge bargain!

My sister went to one of these a good few years ago and it cost a lot more than this and that was without the haircut. It was basically the same but no haircut but I'm sure it cost £100.... She did get some lovely photos though, cost her a fortune of course, think it was about £200 maybe even £300. They don't force you to buy the pics so it's up to the individual but I know I'd get talked into buying them, after all that's half the fun, showing off your lovely pics. They show you the pics and ofcourse you look fab in them so tempts you into buying them. My sister said she removed the make-up before she left as it was sooo thick she'd be embarassed to walk around Glasgow city centre on a Saturday afternoon like that, apparently they need such thick make-up for the photos, which was probably true coz her make-up looked very nice in them.

For this price it is a bargain, shame they aint got one in Glasgow. I'd have bought one for me and mum, would have been a laugh if anything, this should be hot?

heat added. i bought my sister one of these for her 16th a couple of years ago, she loved it and no pressure to buy anything extra.

just tried the link this is coming up at £49 did u use a code?
was looking at these for the wife and daughter.

Original Poster

Expired now - was a time limited offer but did not say how long for.
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