Deluxe New York Vanilla Cheesecake £2.49 @ Lidl

Deluxe New York Vanilla Cheesecake £2.49 @ Lidl

Found 22nd Dec 2015
Proper yummy vanilla cheesecake made with Madagascan vanilla. Much better tasting than other supermarkets own brands and much cheaper. This delicious cheesecake won a silver medal at the 2014 Grocer Food & Drink Own Label Awards.

Normally £3 but reduced to £2.50 for December. Found in the chilled section. They also have a frozen version for £3 but can't comment if it tastes the same.

Don't eat too much, you will get tubby

Review here:…928

PS I want to eat it now but saving it for Xmas day
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Is this better than waitroses'?
love this
Just finishes one of these, we all enjoyed it, back tomorrow for more.

Is this better than waitroses'?

It's £1.50 cheaper than Waitrose's version . Every little bit helps. Very smooth and tasty. Notice the box looks very similar to the Waitrose version, the see through bit. I guess they used Waitroses version as the benchmark or it's the same supplier. Can't go wrong


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Question for the cheesecake connoisseurs out there : does freezing change the taste/texture of cheesecake?, I swear frozen cheesecake doesn't taste the same as chilled versions.
It's even cheaper with my 20% employee discount. heat!
These are so nice
Just finished to Iceland luxury lemon sorbet cheesecake and it was delicious. Might give this one a go next..
hmmm love a bit of cake :P
No sign of it at my nearest store. What a hole.
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3 on mine.
Have to say that we normally shop in Waitrose and M&S and the Lidl deluxe range is superb. Their pies are good, unlike the tasteless cheap and nasty junk you get in Asda.
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Love this! Love the Belgian chocolate one better. :-)
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