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DELUXE Tête de Moine with Stand & Girolle £6.99 at LIDL
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DELUXE Tête de Moine with Stand & Girolle £6.99 at LIDL

Posted 14th Dec 2014

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DELUXE Tête de Moine with Stand & Girolle

This unusual cheese is very strong and makes your mouth tingle. However once you've started eating it's hard to stop. I've never seen it in ANY supermarket before. Usually only available at deli's and usually you have to order, though it is becoming better known. I nearly fell over when I saw it in Lidl. This one comes with it's own stand and cutter, the cutter is in the middle and you twist it round getting ruffles of cheese. Personally I soak mine in white wine for a week before using, but I don't think you have to. A price this size is usually around £10 plus and a wooden cutter would set you back about £15-£30, so this is a much cheaper way of giving it a go.

Worth adding 400g = £17.48kg
- Groovii D
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Good price
Love strong cheese - will give this a try. As you say much more expensive elsewhere
can I ask why you soak it in wine?
to be honest, I thought you had to, it's what I was told when I was introduced to it. It softens is up and makes it quite creamy, I expect it's easier to cut. Did it for 2 weeks one year, that was a mistake, it was too long. I put it in a dry white, just enough to cover. I've tried 'googling' it and there is no mention of soaking in white wine apart from wrapping in a wine soaked cloth to preserve - perhaps it's just my family? I will try some before I soak it this year now!!
Great cheese worth trying and as mentioned pretty hard to find in supermarkets. It's also quite dry so we will have to give it a wine bath this year and see how that goes. Btw is it not problematic to cut it when it's softer?
it's fine to cut soaked,still get those wonderful ruffles, but as I've said a week is best, not longer, it was too soft then.
Waitrose have it but no Girolle. £2.50/100g waitrose.com/sho…ine
Worth adding 400g = £17.48kg
soaking in wine sounds interesting might give it a try
Delicious worried would be too strong but it isn't, really lovely, makes cheese frill roses on the cheeseboard. Thank you
Thanks OP. New one for me, tried it and loved it. Thanks for the advice!
Reduced to £3.49 now
If this cheese is only available at Christmas....why? It is so delicious, it ought to be on the shelf to buy all year round. I should have bought more than one when it was available before Christmas.
I thought it was expensive at £6.99 but having spoken to my swiss sister in law, she assured me it was a very good price. All the Lidl stores I visited (I drive a lot around for work), had sold out, until I stumbled on the Hanham branch in Bristol and they still had some left at half price!
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