Demon Shine 2ltr now Half price - £3.12 @ Tesco

Demon Shine 2ltr now Half price - £3.12 @ Tesco

Found 12th Mar 2010
Demon Shine 2ltr half price in store dont know about online?
Havent tried this stuff yet but I thought I`d tart up the car after the harsh winter.
This is the pour on version,think the spray on was reduced too,not sure though?
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This is THE best product on the market in the UK for a quick shine.. Does absolutely nothing to protect the paintwork, so you still need to give it a polish every couple of weeks, but for a weekly shine, this is top notch.
£3 For 5 Litres In My Local Halfords(clearance Section)kirkcaldy
1) Went into x2 Tescos today by chance looking at car stuff and not in stock (or even shown on shelf edge)

2) Halfords for £3 is an old offer which is out of stock @ virtually every Halfords in the country (look at car detailing forums you will see the hunt for this product was on and none can now be found)

Product is a good quick top and etc.

Suggest this will be store clearance - unless told otherwise
It was cheap in our B&Q can't remember any details, sorry, but worth a look if you are that way.
picked up the last 10 X 2ltr bottles of this from Halfords after seeing it on HDUK last week at 50p.

The guy at the counter was not at all happy,,I ordered it online, he didn't even know it was seeling off at 50p per bottle,,, what a gift....I did give him the chance of buying one for £3.00 :):):-D
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