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4 TYRES FOR PRICE OF 3 TOYO T1-R @ DEMON TWEEKS 4 from £101.28 delivered eg 195 50 15
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
4 TYRES FOR PRICE OF 3 TOYO T1-R @ DEMON TWEEKS 4 from £101.28 delivered eg 195 50 15
Been on the prowl for a good tyre deal and found this Lots of different sizes in stock for this tyre The price for mine (205/45/16) is 4 @ £162.75 £196.11 Fitted by Demon Tweeks (W… Read more

I guess brand new tyres are much grippier than well worn ones, hence slight mpg reduction perhaps


I'm going by the mpg figure the car is giving on my weekly 320 mile round trip. I reset it each time and it always shows 48mpg but this week it's dropped to 42 after having these tyres fitted.


3 days doesn't give you much time to calculate fuel consumption? Unless you're doing a few tanks a day! ;)


Has this offer finished


Had these fitted to mine 3 days ago. Fuel consumption is much worse! It has dropped from 49 to 42mpg! Anybody else find the same?

Sealey Topchest 9 Drawer with Ball Bearing Runners - Was 275.94, now £155.94 (+ £7.50 P&P or £5.94 for C&C) @ Demon Tweeks
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Posted 4th Sep 2018Posted 4th Sep 2018
Sealey Topchest 9 Drawer with Ball Bearing Runners - Was 275.94, now £155.94 (+ £7.50 P&P or £5.94 for C&C) @ Demon Tweeks
My first listing so please be kind... Lowest price this has been listed as far as I can see. Package includes: Model No. AP22509BB Topchest 9 Drawer with Ball Bearing Runners - R… Read more
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Yes I second that.


Better spend the same money on Halford's tools when on offer, you'll have an identical toolkit with pro quality tools. These are cheap c***.


I think you're right, upon closer inspection they're average tools, but for the price I wasn't expecting top range quality or a massive selection. Probably worth getting if you're after a complete tool kit and don't want to shop around for all the different tools and tool box separately though.


looks a good price reduction - but must confess I am not sure it is still a good deal , tools don't look anything special for the money so are paying a lot for a branded box.

Toyo T1-R buy 3 get 1 free @ DemonTweeks
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Posted 30th Mar 2018Posted 30th Mar 2018
Toyo T1-R buy 3 get 1 free @ DemonTweeks
Toyo T1-R buy 3 get 1 free at DemonTweeks Lots od sizes available
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Almost never. Especially on performance/sensitive cars. Its like complaining your coca cola tastes bad because you mixed it 50:50 with fanta.


Sorry late response! The kumho ecstasports were ace on my car. It hugged the road, however - These are glued to it.


Had 2 before this one and ran the same tyres, difference in comfort is minimal though being lowered doesn't make it the most comfortable ride anyway (lol) Mine came yesterday, 2 packs with 2 tyres taped together in each one (y)


Yet to collect mine from the post office but according to Parcelforce it has come in two packages, maybe only one of your packages has arrived.


Always wanted a GTI6. Like how understated they are, almost a sleeper. I was tempted to get this size for my Clio but went with the 55 profile at £120 instead for a more comfortable ride. Great prices.

Sealey 9 drawer top chest & 204pc tool kit. Was £275.94 now £155.94 +  £7.99 del @ Demon Tweeks
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Posted 14th Mar 2018Posted 14th Mar 2018
Sealey 9 drawer top chest & 204pc tool kit. Was £275.94 now £155.94 + £7.99 del @ Demon Tweeks
Ideal Intermediate Tool kit Solution Robust Toolbox Construction 9 Drawer System Wide Range Of Tools Included Economical Choice Over Purchasing Items Individually Overall Size… Read more
Toyo T1-R Tyres Buy 3 Get 1 Free £100.18 @ Demon tweeks
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Posted 25th Nov 2017Posted 25th Nov 2017
Toyo T1-R Tyres Buy 3 Get 1 Free £100.18 @ Demon tweeks
Just noticed Demon Tweeks are doing Toyo T1-R tyres on a buy 3 get 1 free deal. So a set of 4 can be had for £100! Bargain if you ask me and just ordered a set for my car. Also l… Read more
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Hello, anyone?


Where is the deal on their site, can’t see it?


Good deal and reasonable reviews, sadly my 245/40/19 are 'call for price' Heat added.


Useless offer, cold.


Mine last 20k as I Rotate the tyres front to back at 3mm.

Demon Tweeks Tyres - October Discounted Tyres (New) + 5% Off
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Posted 25th Oct 2017Posted 25th Oct 2017LocalLocal
Demon Tweeks Tyres - October Discounted Tyres (New) + 5% Off
I just saw an ad on eBay promoting Tyre sales and to my surprise, they aren't that bad. I then went to Demon Tweeks themselves and found out with Next Working Day delivery, it wor… Read more

Some good savings there. Awesome with the 5% email sign up on top too. Thanks!


I thought TOYO's were only good for going around corners sideways??


Really? I checked Blackcircles and Camskills and they were cheaper. I was hoping the link you provided showed a good discount.


You're getting 19's so that's still a good deal on your part


How did you get such a large saving?

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Toyo Proxes T1-R, 225 45 17, £56.10 each delivered @ Demon Tweeks (£50.49 with code)
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Posted 8th Mar 2017Posted 8th Mar 2017
Toyo Proxes T1-R, 225 45 17, £56.10 each delivered @ Demon Tweeks (£50.49 with code)
What more can I say? Top price for a top tyre. Credit to Bluenose on UKS for pointing the deal out. Other sizes also discounted. Voucher code of NEWR17 takes off an extra 10% too… Read more

Because of all the other things like handling, dry weather grip and tyre wear.


Is there any tyre that has traction in snow or ice ? Lol


:( I feel for you dude


had some a few years ago might have changed since but found the compound very soft only lasted around 7k miles on the front of my fabia vrs tdi


They were always aimed more towards competition drivers, race, rally etc so they did well from that. I was a teenager in the Max Power days so we just tagged onto DT as they sold decent stuff, but yes it was dear for none competition drivers.

Maxxis M7304 & M7305 road legal enduro/MX tyre set (other sizes available) £72.54 @ Demon Tweeks
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Posted 3rd Jan 2017Posted 3rd Jan 2017
Maxxis M7304 & M7305 road legal enduro/MX tyre set (other sizes available) £72.54 @ Demon Tweeks
Maxxis M7304 & M7305 enduro/motocross tyres - Road legal "E" marked These go for about £90 a set elsewhere. I spoke to Demon-tweeks customer service and they have confirmed r… Read more

I wouldn't mind giving these a go. will be checking size tomorrow. Have a feeling I usually go for a 140/80-18 rear tho...


Heat added. Good price. Don't stay sharp too long. Softish for a bit of road use that's all. At that price run them, turn them once , round em off and throw them. Put another pair on.


I thought it obvious from my comment that I wouldn't have them on my Transalp. In saying that, the transalp is quite a flexibly designed bike and many owners do go off the beaten track on them, as did the previous owner of my bike. A bit on the heavy side for mud however.


The IT is a great rear tyre, but I found the front wandered too much over rough surfaces, even with only 12psi. Much prefer the Metzeler 6-days. But this is a great price for a pair so heat added!


​lol. why would you want these on a transalp anyway. they are road legal so that it will pass an mot and be suitable to get about on tarmac but mostly they are intended for off road. think green lane trail riding or specific enduro events that need a road legal bike to enter because of access issue on fire roads. they're brilliant for off road and good to get you about on tarmac but you won't hammer your bike on corners with them on.

Pirelli angel St tyre pair 120/70/17 and 18/55/17 pair at demon tweeks £159.44
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Posted 25th Nov 2016Posted 25th Nov 2016
Pirelli angel St tyre pair 120/70/17 and 18/55/17 pair at demon tweeks £159.44
Pirelli angel St tyre pair 120/70/17 and 18/55/17.
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Superchips Bluefin remap - Demon Tweeks - c£50 cheaper plus free air filter £306 @ Demon tweeks
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Posted 8th Nov 2016Posted 8th Nov 2016
Demon Tweeks are currently offering a circa 17-20% discount (Approx £50 off) the Superchips Bluefin remapping tool + Remap. They are also including a free K&N Air Filter releva… Read more

Perhaps K&N don't manufacture an air filter for your model of car?


They don't seem to do all makes/models. My car is not available but is available on the Bluefin website


This is a generic map that is not optimised for your own car it just gives some increase in performance regardless of the state of your own standard engine.. Personally I would not have one as I would prefer one tailored to my own car via live mapping or a rolling road. My current car required larger injectors (and Milltek exhaust) to achieve +35BHP (Stage 2) with a decent tuner which a bluefin map does not apparently require. Imagine an engine possibly running lean every time you give it the full beans. Definately not for me and I can do without the K&N filter, stock is fine for me and a lot less noisy.


Yes they are very very good or dreamscience remaps they are great too


Because many voters no longer vote on a saving or deal, but on whether they like or dont like an item. Its a shame as people lose out on genuinely good offers nowadays. I posted this knowing it would go cold, but if it benefits 1 person, its worth it.

Uber motorcycle jacket - £21.41 Delivered @ Demon Tweeks
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Posted 2nd Nov 2016Posted 2nd Nov 2016
Uber motorcycle jacket - £21.41 Delivered @ Demon Tweeks
Motorcycle Stelvio Jacket - Black £13.91(saving 77%)
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Great deal. Just wish they had fat man sizes too X)


good find op, heat added


Size L Different style £8.98 textile jacket


Sizes xs, s and m only.

Motacorsa Stage Steering Wheel With Quick Release Boss
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Posted 27th Nov 2015Posted 27th Nov 2015
Motacorsa Stage Steering Wheel With Quick Release Boss
Not for everyone but this is a good deal, especially from Demon Thieves! Wheel available in black or "titanium", also available as a flat wheel as opposed to this dished one. Blur… Read more
Uber Motorcycle Helmet £51.49 @ Demon Tweeks
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Posted 9th Dec 2014Posted 9th Dec 2014
Uber Motorcycle Helmet £51.49 @ Demon Tweeks
Pretty dam good price! Nice feature of internal visor to for that blinding winter sun! Comes in Gloss Black, Matt Black and Gloss White and all sizes!
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ive just bought 1 great helmet & price. just wanna know were/if a can get black/gold visors to replace the clear 8) .


Looks great


Thank you Jimbo! Got awful connection here so couldn't upload my pic


Thanks for your deal. I've added the image for you :)


Great find op, winter sun a pain in the rrrrrrs,thanks,heat added :)

Heads Up! GoPro Hero 4 Black (£369.99 ) Silver (£289.99) Hero (£99.99) - available to order Sunday 5th Oct @ Deamon Tweeks
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Posted 1st Oct 2014Posted 1st Oct 2014
Heads Up! GoPro Hero 4 Black (£369.99 ) Silver (£289.99) Hero (£99.99) - available to order Sunday 5th Oct @ Deamon Tweeks
as the title says really. just had an email from deamon Tweeks about the GoPro 4. Better price for the cheaper Hero than the recent Jessops deal pretty good prices for the black an… Read more

yeah somebody has edited the title. can somebody expire the listing as its quite a mess now.


The previously posted price was £83.33 ex vat adding 20% vat makes it £99.99


Isnt VAT 20% ? If so then how do you get £89.99 plus VAT which equates to £107.99 when Simplyjimbo has updated it to £99 inclusive?


good spot cheeky beggars!


Take it you have posted the ex vat prices as I see £99 for the hero on that product page Updated prices for you to reflect the vat inclusive prices posted on the website.

Real Rider App Lifetime Subscription £12.50
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Posted 31st Jan 2014Posted 31st Jan 2014
Real Rider App Lifetime Subscription £12.50
Demon Tweaks are offing the Real Rider app for £12.50, this is half the normal price but the big bonus is it's an unlimited subscription, normally this is £25 annually. Wow £12.50… Read more
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Nice app if your phone survives the crash and not embedded in a tree


Can't see the lifetime subscription?


Sounds good, but I cant see it stating anywhere that it a lifetime rather than yearly subscription, and they mail a code out to you so add £3.54 postage.


Seems like a great app! Hot


Where does it state lifetime subscription ?

King Carbon Carbon Fibre Sheet 500mm x 500mm @
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Posted 22nd Oct 2011Posted 22nd Oct 2011
King Carbon Carbon Fibre Sheet 500mm x 500mm @
Up to 1850mm x 950mm available This Carbon Fibre Sheet from King Carbon is clear gelled and laid up in flat sheets. It is ideal for creating dash panels, gauge mounts, switch and … Read more
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Beta Socket Set - £120 off - £85 @ Demon Tweeks
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Posted 26th Apr 2011Posted 26th Apr 2011
Beta Socket Set - £120 off - £85 @ Demon Tweeks
Beta are a top-notch tool company used by professionals and often seen on the grid at Moto-GP etc This is better than the Halfords Professional range. In-store (Wrexham), or Check… Read more
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What a load of tosh!


Yup - turned up today - very very nice. Lots of subtle details that would be lost on most people. I was expecting it to be good but it's better than that. Obviously wasted on your average HUKD user....


Cracking deal, can't believe it's being compared to Halfords, this is Beta we're talking about..... Worlds apart, but then Beta is for the discerning user not just weekend warrior. Made by Beta, sold by Beta retailers and backed up by their lifetime warranty. It's hot for me.


Yup - ordered (despite having at least enough tools already). I would buy the Beta one over the Halfords one in an instant. There's a "better" offer on a Sealey tool set (about £250 off incl VAT) but I don't rate Sealey at all. All the quality brands (Facom, Snap-On, Beta etc) stuff that I've bought I still have and I can rely on them totally. I've never had a single tool fail on me - some after 25 years of use. Sure Halfords have a lifetime warranty but it's better not to have the failure in the first place. There's the rub. My point is this. It's not that Halfords Pro is bad because it's not, it's good - just that Beta are better. And I'm sure many professional users use Halfords - you just won't find many £million+ machine builders using Halfords. This is a great price for one of the very best brands - I don't honestly see why it's had cold votes. On the other hand Halfords deals get voted hot but, a bit like DFS sofas, who ever paid the full £199 for the Halfords set? Wait a couple of weeks and they'll be £89/£99 again.


Are you buying one of these yourself and selling your Halfords set (which also has lifetime Warranty)? I beg to differ Halfords tools are used by many thousands of professional users in the UK who depend on their tools to make a living.