Demons Souls Black Phantom Edition Pre-order £34.99 at Gameplay

Demons Souls Black Phantom Edition Pre-order £34.99 at Gameplay

Found 19th May 2010
Couldnt see this posted. Free delivery and if you go through Quidco you can get 6% cashback, equating about £2.10. Easily one of the best PS3 games to date.

Demon's Souls Black Phantom Edition for PlayStation 3 features:

Unforgiving Combat - Demon's Souls is one of the most ruthless and cruel action RPG experiences. Adapt your character and your gameplay to defeat powerful bosses and a host of merciless enemies.

Original online multiplayer mode - Leave messages for others with hints on how to avoid or defeat the enemies ahead. Replay the last moments of dead players' lives to see how they died and avoid a similar fate. Team up with others in soul form to defeat bosses, or invade the world of another player as Black Phantom and attempt to kill the host.

Unique alignment system - Tendency: Choose your path through the mire of black and white tendencies to unlock secret events and items. You tendency will affect your own stats as well as those of your enemies.

Potent atmosphere - Plunge into the ominous atmosphere of a dark, medieval fantasy world. The beautiful contrast between light and shadow and the fantastic design and animation of the creatures are underscored by an immersive soundtrack

Demon's Souls Black Phantom Edition contains:
Strategy Guide

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