Denby 16 pc Dinner Sets for £49.99 +vat (Various designs instore)

Denby 16 pc Dinner Sets for £49.99 +vat (Various designs instore)

Found 29th Dec 2007Made hot 30th Dec 2007
I just got the Makro Mail in the post this morning showing the Denby dinner sets. This offer does not start until the 2nd January, but they have got them out on display already (at £99.99+vat)

Colours availabe: White, Blue, Fire, Caramel and a few others

I decided to get two now as they only have limited amounts of some designs, so hopefully I can take them in on the 2nd and get them refunded + bought again (I hope this works!)


you are crafty aren't you! good for you!!!

Is the Linen set included?

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I think I saw the blue linen one, but not the standard linen pattern - designs vary store to store so there is a slight possibility that the standard linen pattern may be in a few of the Makro stores.

Which store was this for Anne? Do you know if it's a nationwide deal or local?

Searching on the web it looks as though this isn't the first time they have sold them for such a price. Could be worth popping in for a look on Wednesday

sounds like a super deal cant seem to get the makro mail brochure up on line though, could anyone tell me if the blue is imperial blue which is what i am after, many thanks and happy new year.

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Sorry I cant remember the actual names of the blue - I just recall that there was a light blue (I think was Linen Blue) and a darker version.
I beleive this is a nationwide deal - it was advertised in a little A5 size brochure and is a 7 day special. This brochure is not available online. It may be worth checking with your local branch to see if it is available there.
It was the Teesside branch I went into.

i have some denby gear and its fantastic quality

I bought one of the Denby sets for £53 from Amazon , never had Denby so I'm hoping it's as good as it is reported to be .

Do you happen to know if they have the Jet one with spots? My daughter will be pleased if they do!

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The Jet one was definatly not in the Teesside branch, but may be available at another branch.

These are my first Denby sets - at the moment we are eating off plates which came free with a catalogue order and have smiley faces on! Thought it was time to get the quality stuff!!

Do you think I might be okay with getting them refunded and bought again at the lower price it they are unopened? I hope it is ok

Thanks for the tip, I popped into the Nottingham branch on my way to work this morning and picked up two Blue Linen sets. There were also about 8 Caramel, 5 Blue Jetty, 6 Fire maybe more and some white. Rep given. :thumbsup:

What do u have to do to get into one of these now (makro), u used to have to be registered as a business?

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Well I managed to take them back and buy them back again at the reduced rate!!
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