Denby Clearance - Upto 70% Off, Mug 2-4-1, Some Items <£5.00

Denby Clearance - Upto 70% Off, Mug 2-4-1, Some Items <£5.00

Found 21st Feb 2009
Following on from the post I submitted yesterday I received another mail this morning for a clearance, some good items available with upto 70% off and mugs two for one, and items less than £5.00, very good for Denby.
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That's fab thanks, I've got the Jetty Blue set and need to replace a couple of plates. Great stuff.
shame its not free delivery
I needed a couple of items to replace chipped bowls and they had 75% off... but with £5.95 delivery I am no better off!!!!
Anyone within range of Boundry Mill at Colne near Burnley should check them out first

last Friday wife got 6 Denby small plates (seconds but couldnt find a flaw on most of them) for £2 each, we also got a very nice tea pot for £4.99 (again a second but flaw must be microscopic) the same tea pot on the website is £48

When we got home the wife decided we should have bought the matching dinner plates so we made the 100 mile round trip the following day and bought 6 matching dinner plates for £4 each and 6 mugs for £2.99 each

I didnt want to make the trip back the following day so called the Denby outlet shop at Cheshire Oaks as its a lot nearer but they hadnt got the same pattern and the seconds plates were over £9 each - the Denby lady said that Boundry Mill is usually cheaper than they are!

we have the Jetty Blue set too and I've not seen it in the usual outlets recently so this is a great help in getting those last few items:)
My parents have this set and have wanted a few more bits for ages. So thanks very much!:thumbsup:
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