Denby Pottery May Bank Holiday Sale
Denby Pottery May Bank Holiday Sale

Denby Pottery May Bank Holiday Sale

60% off Blue Linen
50% off Greenwich
25% off Blue Imperial
Upto 50% off dinner set

Free delivery on orders over £100

For example:

-Denby Blue Jetty Large Teapot was £50, now £20
(Blue Jetty is coming to the end of its run)

-Blue Linen Teapot was £50, now £20

- Greenwich Craftsman Mug was £11.50, now £5.75


ahh if only the delivery wasnt over 100

Shame. These prices are not discounted enough. I picked up a 4 pack of Blue Linen mugs from Debenhams for less than a tenner. They are £4 each on the Denby site plus delivery. It's a no deal from me.

Just ordered Blue Linen pasta bowls very cheap on the site - checked Debenhams online and they were far more expensive - don't know if they would be cheaper instore, but rarely go into Debenhams as their constant 'sales' and terrible customer service (in Ilford branch) drive me round the bend - prefer to buy direct at what we felt was a good price (£5.60 each)

For anyone interested, The Swindon designer outlet has a denby store in the home section which often has some great deals...

Theres some Denby stuff at half price at Argos at the mo.
Just search for "dinner sets" on their site.

with regards to the 50odd pound denby sets i dont think they are reduced but are more the budget range
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