Denby Sand Stripes 16 Piece Stoneware Dinner Set was £49.99 now £24.94 @ Argos

Denby Sand Stripes 16 Piece Stoneware Dinner Set was £49.99 now £24.94 @ Argos

Found 26th Mar 2010
Just bought this for my sister as a birthday present, she loves Denby and this looked a fab bargain, has great reviews on Argos site too

4 place settings.

Set contains: 4 dinner plates, 4 side plates, 4 bowls and 4 mugs.

Dinner plate diameter 27.5cm.

Side plate diameter 21cm.

Bowl diameter 19cm.

Capacity of mugs 350ml.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.
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denby make good stuff. good deal iwihad
also in blue

also in blue

I didn't see that, thanks link here…htm
check your cupboard depths if you are planning on getting this - love it, but the plates are too big for my standard size kitchen wall cupboard, would be fine for the deeper cupboards under the work surface though.
I was in Tesco earlier today and saw something similar. (Martlesham in Suffolk)
Good deal. I think black looks the best

denby make good stuff. good deal iwihad

Yes they do - but this isn't their normal, hgh quality range. See this forum thread on a previous deal on Argos "Denbyware": Beware!…tml
5p cheaper than 2 months ago.. ]https//ww…new
Lovely, thank you :-D
Dont forget that its not proper Denby. Just made under license.

Dont forget that its not proper Denby. Just made under license.

Just picked mine up and pleased with quality:thumbsup:
I've just picked up 2 sets of the black stripes and am very pleased with them.

Just to note, between the black stripes looks pure white in the pics, as per the face of the plate, but in fact the 'white' stipes are in fact a sandy colour, while the face of the plate is pure white. I think they look better for this, but some might not agree so it's just something to be aware of.
Just picked up 2 boxes of Blue Stripe. For £24.94 a box I was hardly going to expect top of the range Denby. But this stuff is very good value indeed, I would place it somewhere from mid - high quality.

Also I spent 12p more to get the £5 voucher for a £50 spend.
Just Picked up 2 of the last 3 available in sandstone from our local store, (they also had blue and black available but only 2 or 3 left of each) matches our kitchen units and decor perfectly. This is good quality stuff for the money its part of the intro range which has now gone up to £60 at argos out of sale the retail is £60 - £80- at most other outlets so this is a very very good price.

Its very nice quality stoneware IMO most of the top manufacturers are moving production out of the UK unfortunately but I was pleaseantly surprised at the quality well worth the money.

I missed out last time they were reduced so pleased to get them this time, think these colours are being ex lined hence the price drop....

Just to be clear this stuff looks and feels of a much better quality than kitchen ware normally found in this price bracket, its £1.50 a piece at the end of the day thats Ikea money really !
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