Denby White Squares 16 Piece Boxed Tableware Set was £196 = 63% OFF @ Amazon

Denby White Squares 16 Piece Boxed Tableware Set was £196 = 63% OFF @ Amazon

Found 24th Nov 2009
High quality Dinnerware set from Denby. I have seen this set in the shops a few times and ive always liked the design. Now Amazon have it at an amazing price im very tempted to buy it!

Manufacturer's Description
Denby has used its expertise to develop White Squares by Denby a porcelain tableware range that is perfect for everyday use as well as for special occasions. The White Squares Box Set promotional box set is a great way to start collecting this range, at a later date you can start collecting the other completer items like teapots etc. The contents of the box set are Mug capacity 0.4l/height 11cm, Tea Plate 19.5cm, Dinner Plate 29cm, Soup/Cereal Bowl 15.5cm. White Squares is a contemporary range with geometric lines and soft curved edges which complements the round shape of White by Denby. Denby have designed glass and accessories to complement both White and White Squares perfectly.
Everybody knows great food looks and tastes better if it's well presented. Every piece of Denby has been designed for cooking, serving and eating food. From the smallest cup to the biggest casserole, all pieces can be used with confidence in the microwave, dishwasher and freezer. And it's all ovenproof. Love food love Denby.

Box Contents
4 x Dinner plates
4 x Tea plates
4 x Soup/cereal bowls
4 x Mugs

Porcelain suitable for use in the dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer
Mug Capacity 0.4l/Height 11 cm
Tea plate 19.5cm
Dinner Plate 29cm
Soup/cereal bowl15.5cm
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There are a few offers at Amazon on Denby at the moment! this is another that looks good…1-6
Denby is amazing stuff, I have had some through the years and is still standing, brilliant deal, specially in white, it won't go out of fashion.
Yeah it is top quality and the fact this set is white is why I like it! Like you said wont go out of fashion and I think the square plates look really nice.
Have the denby regency green and it's scratched to hell. And this was the second set after they replaced the first for the same reason. If you stack it to store it like most people do, be very careful.
I'm sure this stuff was about £40 in Costco not so long ago........
£45.96 inc vat to be precise...and that is the current price if anyone is interested!
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