Denby White tumblers 60% off (+20% off code), 2 for £5.76 @ Amazon

Denby White tumblers 60% off (+20% off code), 2 for £5.76 @ Amazon

Found 28th Nov 2010
Use code TBBK2OOF to get an additional 20% off at checkout.
RRP on these is a slightly ridiculous £18. They're nice tumblers though, great for sipping Scotch on a cold winter evening.


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Why cold?

"Think christmas presents" - but its showing 2 to 5 week delivery!

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Fair point. Good deal nonetheless...

I have some of these and they are remarkably like the £1.99 for 4 in Morrisons.
I was upset beause I paid quite a lot for them.

I like the denby cups and thought that because I liked the cups I would like the glasses but I found them to be heavy and made of thick glass! I know that sounds weird but i like quite thin glass to drink from! See I told you.... Strange. I did voye hot though for the price.

I meant to ask, is the 20% discount code only available with this purchase? If not, that's a deal in itself!

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I think it's with any kitchen/home purchases until end of today. Found it on Quidco.
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