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Denon AVR-X1700H 7.1ch Dolby Atmos 8K AV Receiver Delivered for £464.90 with code at Peter Tyson eBay

£464.99£539.9014% off
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Great price for a starter receiver. It's got 3 8K inputs and 7 discrete audio channel amplification. It also supports Dolby Atmos! The only thing that really missing for me would be additional zones.

Use the voucher code FANCY15 to get at this price.

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Denon AVR-X1700H 7.1ch Dolby Atmos 8K AV Receiver

This product comes with a warranty.

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Product Details

7.2ch 8K AV Receiver with 3D Audio, Voice Control and HEOS® Built in. Designed for 4K or 8K setups, the AVR-X1700H delivers the ultimate 3D audio home theatre/gaming experiences and supports the latest HDMI specifications.

Powerful, discrete 7-channel amplifier
Delivers maximum performance and 145W per channel to provide the classic and dynamic Denon sound experience.

Advanced 8K HDMI video with eARC support
Three 8K inputs support the latest HDMI specifications—8K/60Hz, select 4K/120Hz pass-through, VRR, Dolby Vision™, HDR10+, ALLM.

Full 3D audio support with virtual surround sound
Enjoy immersive 3D audio with Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualisation Technology, DTS:X®, and DTS Virtual:X™.

Enhanced gaming experiences Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) care for amazing imaging as well as reduced lag and latency.

Wireless music streaming
Enjoy services like Spotify®, Amazon Music HD, TuneIn, and more with HEOS® Built-in.

Audessey room correction
Precisely analyses the output of each speaker to optimise every channel's performance.

Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Dual-antenna transceiver for robust Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming even in congested environemnts.

Defining audio excellence
With a deep legacy of firsts and amazing sound, Denon is the defining audio company of Japan.


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  1. Avatar
    What's the point of the receiever? If you just get an atmos speaker set
    An AVR has multiple inputs, usually around 8hdmi and maybe some older component ones too.

    It will pass the video onto the TV, and then amplify the audio signal to power the speakers. Different AVRs can run different configurations, i.e. 5.1, 5.1.2 or something more crazy like 7.2.6 or 9.4.4.

    First number is speakers at ear height
    Second number is number of sub woofers
    Third number is number of ceiling speakers (Atmos) (edited)
  2. Avatar
    Totally not related to this but I'm hoping some kind soul who has a good knowledge of amps can help me. I have seen a 5.2 amp for sale and was wondering what the actual set up is. I'm assuming centre, 2 front and 2 surround. But the .2 bit suggests you can run two subwoofers at the same time? Is that correct and if so what is the benefit of this?
    You are right on all counts. Yes, you can run 2 subs off that receiver. The benefit is - you get more powerful bass. Whether that's actually needed or not depends on your preference, the room size and last but not least - your neighbours. Bass can easily run through walls and so one has to be mindful of others.

    If your satellite speakers are large enough, you may not even need a sub! Subs are usually used to provide the necessary "backing" to satellites because they are small and can only respond to mid and high audio frequencies. Responding to low (typically between 35Hz and 150Hz) audio frequencies require larger speakers - which are subs.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you need more clarity.
  3. Avatar
    Are the hdmi 2.1 issues sorted on these AVRs now?
    I have this receiver and it’s been spot on so far, no issues with HDMI 2.1
  4. Avatar
    This a large chunk of change for the lowest model in the range.

    Also when the release the next gen, these may drop signifcantly in price.

    I purchased an X2 amp at around 50% of it's retail due to a new model being released and 4 years later moved to an X4 amp at 60% of it's retail (and I received a trade in on the X2 of 60% of what I paid for it).
    Any thoughts when this may be
  5. Avatar
    I wouldn't buy anything from Denon/Marantz (same company) again. Bought a Marantz 2000 series and the HDMI board fried a few months after the end of the warranty and they wouldn't do anything with it. Replaced it with a Marantz NR1711 and that completely blew the power board; they did at least fix the Marantz under warranty, but I'll be sticking with Yamaha next time, as the 757 I had ran faultlessly for almost 10 years. Only reason I got rid of it was it was so old it didn't have any HDMI inputs! (edited)
    Same here I replaced a Yamaha RX-V667 with a AVR-X1600H in 2020 seemed a good deal at £360 - I wanted the HEOS music app and music streaming (the Denon much cheaper than the new Yamahas)
    The sound quality is excellent, IMO better than the Yamaha, but 6 months ago it developed the red ring safe mode problem (albeit intermittently)

    Yamaha still going strong in the bedroom where it replaced a Denon AVR-1312 that had the same fault

    I just assumed I was unlucky with one unit but having the same thing with 2 Denons means never again
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    Ordered this yesterday, due for delivery Monday, got it today! I also managed to use £22.50 of Nectar points against it. Voted hot.
    would you mind briefly explaining what this is and how it's used?

    From what I've briefly looked at on the ebay page is that you would plug your devices (TV, Blu Ray player, PS5 console) into this, and then have to buy 7 speakers separately to hook up to this receiver for a surround sound setup.
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    If you can get it from Richer Sounds for around the same price don't they thrown in a 6 year guarantee with everything.

    Worth paying a bit more even for piece of mind
  8. Avatar
    Would someone be able to make some recommendations for speakers or point me to a good link?

    I currently have 2 ceiling speakers and have purchased this, prior to getting the other speakers.

    Thanks (edited)
    Let me caveat this comment with this - this one is not for the purists.

    If you want to experiment/experience Atmos without too much effort, check out the Focal Sib Evo 5.1.2. The .2 are ceiling reflecting speakers; basically upward firing ones built in to the front L/R speakers. Unfortunately no deal on them - £800 for them on Richer Sounds.
  9. Avatar
    @cocoguy how often do these deals come up? Where did you find the code?
    eBay codes are atleast once a month. Vary from 10-20% but prices are inflated so it's usually the same end price
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    Lots of well-documented compatibility issues with this amp (and others) and Sky Q boxes - anyone know if that has been resolved now?
    I have a higher but older model and previously had Sky Q and never experienced issues with that service or any other streaming platforms / or problems connecting devices, beyond the usual you will find on most amps eg adhoc voice synching or using certain ports which can easily be overcome.

    Denon amps are superb, great sounding, feature packed and very well future proofed (2.1 ain’t major unless for a PC playing fast games). HEOs is fabulous overall for hi res music access and the Audyssey set up very good; the company are also constantly providing firmware updates. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    I had a denon but seemed to have problems with it, For about this money i bought a secondhand Marantx 9.1 added two B & O active speakers to get 11.2 Atmos and have never looked back. Marantz seems a lot more stable.
    They are actually the same company

    In 2002, Denon merged with Marantz to form D&M Holdings. On March 1, 2017, Sound United LLC completed the acquisition of D+M Holdings
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    Annoyingly this doesn't have a Zone 2 which I need for my garden speakers
    Unless I’m missing something it does manual linked a section: (playback -> playback in zone 2(another room) (manuals.denon.com/AVR…php
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    I have a denon 2700, keff floorstanders and atmos, monitor audio Center sub and rear, sounds amazing no issues with sky Q
  14. Avatar
    Can anyone help I bought a used AVR 2000 and hooked it to the spdif out on my b550 I motherboard . The receiver works with usb so I know it works to some degree . Probably some pc issue it’s a fresh install windows 11 with Realtek drivers . Everything appears to be setup correctly on pc but I can’t get it to work I also tried both the tv/audio input and the cbl/sat I don’t know which is better
    Look into inputs section.

    The AVR will have like 4 or more sources it receives audio and/or video. Source names can be changed usually, but as an example say you have source 1 which is named CBL/SAT as you mentioned. That source is receiving it’s audio signal from a certain input. For video you can set that it receives it from HDMI2 and for audio it can be from RCA, HDMI or a digital spdif.
  15. Avatar
    I had a Denon AVR in warranty through RS, RS sent it for repair, they said that they couldn't fix it due to COVID and RS "skipped it'!

    I haven't had a receiver for two years and RS gave me a £75 credit...

    I'm waiting to buy two decent Atmos speakers, but I have been out of the AV game for a while and I have no idea what to purchase and to pair with my Kef 2005.3 speakers...
    For Atmos it doesn't matter too much. Dali Alteco are popular and easy to install. I still have them but I've put up 4x monitor audio 265idc to replace them
  16. Avatar
    Will this amp allow me to run both my Xbox series X & playstation 5 through and output into my TV @ 120htz? My tv only has one 120htz input and I have to swap them over (when I can be bothered) to get the full 4k 120htz experience.
  17. Avatar
    Wonder if someone can help. I have a pioneer sc-lx59 would this be decent upgrade?
  18. Avatar
    I've got this receiver (bought from Peter Tyson a few months back) - it is excellent!
  19. Avatar
    What they are so expensive? I have one rotting in shed I use it when I need some music
    I'll give you some bottle tops for it.(:I
  20. Avatar
    Just wondering if I can reuse my KEF speaker set and woofer (whathifi.com/kef…iew) with this amp? TIA!
    These amps like most take speaker inputs with banana plugs ideally or can be bare wired. Nothing in that area has changed for decades in regards to speakers. Most other inputs covered also.
  21. Avatar
    i wouldnt call this the ultimate 3d atmos experience as it only has 2 overhead channels and only 5 surround so presumably no rears to fill in the gap. at best an entry level 5.2.2 set up (edited)
    It's not ultimate but it's good. Quite alot of people go for 5.1.2.

    Rears still don't get used alot. But I would agree you would probably want 5.1.4 or 7.1.4.

    I wouldn't goto 7.1.6 or 9.1.4 without a dedicated room because positioning in a normal room is difficult at the best of times.
  22. Avatar
    I want this but spent too much recently