DENON DM38DAB for £169.95 @ RicherSounds

DENON DM38DAB for £169.95 @ RicherSounds

Found 31st Jan 2012
Just like its predecessors, the Denon DM38 looks set to lead its class for quite some time.

The key to the success of Denon mini systems has always been the balance of fine sound quality with compact good looks. No change there for the DM38. UK tuned for the best sound quality, the DM38 features a "simple & straight" circuit for the least distortion possible. Triple noise reduction design with short signal paths, digital and analogue separation and precision earthing ensure that the Denon DM38 offers the purity of sound you'd expect from Denon. The high quality power supply ensures a good, dynamic response with excellent bass control.

Although already well equipped, the DM38 features a range of new features. Thanks to a front mounted USB socket, you can now connect up your iPod or iPhone and enjoy top quality, digital music transfer without the need for a separate dock. If you'd prefer, there's always the option of the front-mounted mini jack or rear phono sockets to connect up your portable player. Another handy new feature is the DAB+ tuner. Complimenting the existing DAB/AM and FM tuners, DAB+ offers future-proof radio. Both the timer and remote control have also been made easier to use.

It may be small, but when it comes to connections, the Denon DM38 has everything you need. In addition to the USB and mini jack sockets on the front, there are also 2 phono inputs and one output on the back - enough for a recorder and iPod dock. There's also a very useful subwoofer output for an active bass unit.

Denon set the standard for stylish mini systems back in the 1990s, and the DM38 shows they've still got it. The simple control layout and smooth feel to the controls could only come from Denon. For a better class of mini hi-fi system you need look no further than the Denon DM38.
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Nice find. Hot.
It is there for a long time.

It is there for a long time.

Thanks for sharing then.

It is there for a long time.

Nope, Richer Sounds dropped price by a tenner (was £179.95 last week)
Subscribe to the VIP club and they will e-mail you a voucher that gives another £10 off

--> get this for £159.95
Silver model been this price for a while, black is still £179.95. Can be had for the same price in quite a few places.
I've been watching the price since start of December waiting to buy.
Really want thIs but would want a speaker package that can quickly make it expensive

Really want thIs but would want a speaker package that can quickly make … Really want thIs but would want a speaker package that can quickly make it expensive

That's the way it is with good sound. A good receiver is part of the package, but the speakers are the most important part. Still worth it, because included speaker are generally crap.
nice piece of kit
Really no one else gonna say it . . . mmm Denon he he he heat added nice find
Not sure why it is so hot , normal price
Hifix sell this with the q acoustic 2010i speakers fror just under £300. Although if you hunt around and don't mind who you buy from you can probably buy both seperatly for £275ish. You might get b stock though.…tml
Always nice to see Denon on here, my dm30 is still going strong excellent quality
Great little system - picked it up about 6 months back and got some cheap speakers from Richer Sounds too - they were on clearance for about £20 (the speakers), but still far better than most of the plywood tat you get when you buy an 'all in one'
Well, this link is the one I've kept going back to as it has good speaker packages.

The Q accoustics or Tannoy Mercury's are getting my attention.…b3w
Edited by: "moneyfornothing" 3rd Feb 2012
I have Q acoustics at home as part of a surround sound setup. Also have Acoustic Energy and Tannoys for other reasons and I have to say. The Q Acoustics are great, fantastic sound and so small!
thanks Pikman - I needed someone to tell which were better
had one of these for over a year and they are great units.just replaced it with the marantz mcr603 and there not a million miles apart if you pair with good speakers. tried my old q acoustics 1020i which were good but dali lektor 2 are stunning with this.
if buying a package my opinion is go with the dali zensor thast are offered but the q acoustic should be fine,just my opinion though

one thing i will definately say about the denon is the usb/iphone operation is much quicker and smoother than the marantz. plug your ipod/iphone into the denon and it plays instantly the marantz seems to take an age to sync with is annoying.

sometimes wish id kept the denon and saved myself £200 but hey-ho im still happy with the marantz's cd playback
I bought this a few weeks ago with Mission MX1 speakers (£130) that sit on bookshelves. Very good sound. Also the cables were £1.49 a meter.
WHy is this so hot same price elsewhere or £10 extra!!?!!
Been this price a while, but can't fault it. Buying one of these was one of the best moves I've made.
i paired my old denon DM31 with an old pair of AE120, sounds amazing, would have liked more control and more openess in the higer frequency though. if I put a stereo ceiling speaker in my bathroom such as:…tml

Can I then run the wires into my office next to the bathroom, plug straight in to the Denon and play DAB and iphone tracks in both the bathroom and my office independently? (presume I have speakers for office)
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