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Posted 14 December 2022

Denon PMA600NE HiFi Amplifier £260.10 @ Amazon

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great amplifier for an AMAZING price.

I would buy it but not sure where to put it at the mo

You wont find it cheaper by £100 elsewhere compared to Amazon

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    Amplifiers don't have moving parts so aren't likely to develop a fault 12 -24 months after purchase and Denon are a reputable brand so if the deal ticks your boxes in other respects it's probably worth taking the chance.
    The lack of moving parts doesn't mean it's immune from faults although I have found Denon to be good overall
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    This has deal has come back online, i've now bought after extensive reading, this is by far the cheapest deal out there for this kit, at least 100.00 cheaper than other retailiers
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    Good value considering RRP £375.

    OK, considerably more expensive but a streamer 2022 model amazon.co.uk/Den…c=1 Retail £899.99 now £683.32
    You can get 20% off warehouse deals on the silver of that model
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    People still buy these ?
    Connect a (discontinued) Chromecast Audio on the back and you can play anything your phone can play on it in much higher quality than Bluetooth. Originally £30, Chromecast Audio now sell for £60ish on ebay, and cheap at the price IMO, so simple to operate.
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    How do you get it for £50?
    I think he means it’s £50 more elsewhere
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    No chance!
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    Wow, great price and I wanted the silver version. Thank you!
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    Mine has come, far earlier than I wanted.
    same here. mine came in an amazon box as I selected that at checkout.
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    deal is still active, just bought one. Really great price
    Not sure when they will arrive, hopefully wont take too long, too good a deal not too wait until arrival
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    I prefer Onkyo.
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    1 year warranty right?
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    Shame it’s not in black at this price.
    I would of considered it for bi-amping.
    Same, even though it's not needed, would have bought in black as a back up to my NAD 3020
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    Link doesn’t work. 502 error
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    Link worked OK for me
    How bizarre, works for me now!
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    I've got an identical Denon amp but without the Bluetooth and optical it's been rock solid along with the denon CD player I got a few years back. (edited)
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    Cracking price, purchased as a great starter for my home office.
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    Could anyone recommend DAB Denon radio separate with all the other frequency available in 1 ?
    Denon PMA900HNE capable of streaming. It packs some punch above it's claimed 50W into 8ohm speakers. It's a well received receiver / streamer. Purchased it in June thanks to HUKD. There is one or two on ebay otherwise amazon.co.uk/Den…c=1
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    I have the denon pma520, an earlier model 7 years back. Not the best but an above average performer. I find t sound detail is a bit mushy, but maybe this iteration improves things.
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    Brought my Denon amp over 20 years ago and still going strong! Tried to replace (due to HiFi itchy nerves) with Niam amp and even a Primare amp, both didn't sound as good. I was gutted but happy I had to return said alot more expensive amps. Denon amps are hugely underrated...
    20 years is a very long time to become accustomed to a certain sound, it would be hard to be convinced by something else in a short period.
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    Anyone know if these could stream a turntable to Bluetooth speakers?
    Don't think so - it will do a Bluetooth input but I don't think it outputs Bluetooth signal, you would need to cable the speakers
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    sold out
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    Is this finished now?
    back on if you want it
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    yup seems so
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    back in stock. ordered one. If I change my mind can always cancel before its dispatched.
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    This is in stock
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    OOS again. delivery est is showing "Arriving 30 December - 12 January". There is a chance of order getting cancelled if amazon aren't able to source the product. Its happened to me with some LPs I've ordered off them but its quite rare.
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    "Arriving 30 December - 12 January"?? I may be wrong, but I'm sure it said two days when I ordered, as I also ordered other items so they would all come at the same time. Now my order says "Arriving 30 December - 12 January". However looking at the Amp' now, it still says two days, but at the much higher price of £394.00. So why can't they send me one of those???? (edited)
    The £394 buy box is not Amazon but one of the marketplace sellers.
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    Without having a good search does anyone know if it has the ability to set a high-pass on the speakers to avoid double bass with the subwoofer? (edited)
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    If this was in Black at this price I would have snapped one up.
    Yeah, I’d preferred black but 100.00 more it would seem insane