Denon SYS2020 5.1 Speaker Package  £149.00  Richersounds - free delivery

Denon SYS2020 5.1 Speaker Package £149.00 Richersounds - free delivery

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Small enough to blend in but powerful enough to make its presence felt, the Denon SYS2020 speaker package is equally respectful of both home and cinema.

Spacious, Denon sound
Highly respected for their home cinema receivers, Denon now offer the perfect speaker package to match. The compact satellite speakers don't just look good, they provide an immersive and spacious sound - without the need for large speaker cabinets.

Powerful bass response
With a maximum power output of 100W the Denon's sub adds 'thunder' to action movies and large scale music events. Combined with the satellite speakers you get a full-bodied sound that's an easy match for the biggest TV screens.

Easy to place - including wall mount option
The satellite speakers are small enough to fit on most mantelpieces, bookcases, desks and pretty much any other flat surface. If you'd rather hang them on the wall, neat keyhole openings make them easy to hang flush - as easily as a picture. The subwoofer uses a downward firing bass cone, making it easy to place in a corner and behind furniture without blocking the sound.
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I've tried these speakers about 6 months ago paired with a Denon AVR X2300W, The sound quality was much better than I expected for the price.

The price was the same then though, so its possible they are often reduced.
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