Departed (Blu-ray) £4.99 Free Shipping @ Wow HD

Departed (Blu-ray) £4.99 Free Shipping @ Wow HD

Found 15th Dec 2014
Cops or criminals; when you're facing a loaded gun what's the difference?
A big-budget Hollywood star power remake of the Hong Kong classic crime thriller Infernal Affairs.
Two men operate on different sides of the law; one a mole with the Boston State Police department, the other within the Irish mafia. When bloodshed breaks out on the streets, each mole is despatched to discover the other's identity in a race against time...
Marty finally collected the Best Director statuette at the 2007 Oscars after decades of bad luck. Not only that but the Departed also picked up awards for Best Editing, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best film!


Great film, better than Infernal Affairs...there, I've said it

Great film, also picked up The Book of Eli for £4.99 and then used a 10% code I had been emailed CHEER the other code was CHRISTMAS each can be used five times per customer.
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