Derailed / Legionnaire / Desert Heat [3 DVD Box Set] - £4.98 delivered @ Amazon

Derailed / Legionnaire / Desert Heat [3 DVD Box Set] - £4.98 delivered @ Amazon

Found 3rd Feb 2010
A train rockets across Eastern Europe. On board are agent Kristoff (international action superstar Jean-Claude Van Damme) and Galina (Laura Elena Harring), a beautiful high-tech thief. Holding the passengers hostage are a band of terrorists who have come to steal the bioweapon hidden on board. With the train out of control and on a collision course for danger, Kristoff becomes a one-man army, taking on the terrorists and trying to save the lives of everyone on board.

The year is 1924 and Alain Lefevre (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a headstrong boxer who has been declared the victor in a heavily wagered boxing match. Two people are dead, and the blame has fallen at his feet. With his pockets stuffed with cash he runs through the alleyways, desperately hiding in the shadows, hunted like an animal. As both the police and a mobster's henchman close in, Lefevre escapes into a completely new identity - a mercenary soldier in the French Foreign Legion. By dawn, he is launched into a brutal conflict in a strange and unfamiliar country. What he learns there will change the course of his life forever...

Desert Heat:
International star Jean-Claude Van Damme kicks into high gear in Desert Heat, a scorching, high-intensity action thriller. Van Damme is attacked and left for dead, however he is saved by a soulmate from the past and sets on a one-man search-and-destroy mission against his attackers.

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