Design your own Jaeger (giant robot) poster @ Warner bros

Design your own Jaeger (giant robot) poster @ Warner bros

Found 15th Jun 2013
to tie in with the release of the new Pacific Rim movie warner bros have a thing on the movies site for allowing you to design your own giant robot like the ones from the film and then put it onto a poster.

its rather cool you can change different heads and arms and things on your robot and then you pose your robot after coloring them on different background and then it creates it for you and you can download it to or share it on facebook/twitter

it asks for you to download a small program at first which i found easier to do manually when given the option on screen
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heres one i made earlier . this is shrunk down to fit on the forum the resolution is a decent size. this one was 1080 x1920
and heres another one i just did without the name and country
cheers, i know somebody who will love this

I tried downloading this application but the page won't load.
Do you know why?
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