Designer Habitat 12 Litre Premium 1400w Halogen Oven Cooker in Black complete with Extender Ring + lots of extras was £89.99 now £22.99 @ Amazon

Designer Habitat 12 Litre Premium 1400w Halogen Oven Cooker in Black complete with Extender Ring + lots of extras was £89.99 now £22.99 @ Amazon

Found 24th Feb 2012
(Sold by Designer Habitat and Fulfilled by Amazon)

Designer Habitat 12 Litre Premium 1400w Halogen Oven Cooker in Black complete with Extender Ring (to 17 Litre), Lid Holder, Steamer, Frying Pan, Skewers, Low Rack, High Rack, Glove plus FREE starter guide with Recipes was £89.99 now £22.99 del, sold by Designer Habitat & fulfilled by amazon, excellent reviews
1. The oven can be used to Roast, Bake, Broil, Steam and Fry food. Highly versatile oven that allows you to steam vegetables or bake pastries, bread etc. A introduction manual and start recipe sheet is included free of charge and a 12 month manufacturers guarantee is also included.
2. Designer Habitat Premium Oven Technical Specification: Bowl External Diameter: 33cm, Total Height: 33cm-40cm (without/with extender ring). Internal depth: 16cm ( without extender ring), Internal depth: 23cm ( with extender ring), Bowl Capacity: 12 Litres, Voltage: 230v/50Hz, Rated Power: 1300w, Timer: 0-60 mins
3. 12 - 17 Litre Capacity glass bowl, which is easily portable. The wattage of the oven is 1200-1400 watts - The Designer Habitat Premium Halogen Oven also is very easy to operate. All you need to do is twist the timer switch to start and to stop lift the handle. The oven also boasts various temperature settings that include heating and defrosting.
4. Free £50 of accessories including 1 x Set of Tongs, 1 x Low food grill, 1 x High food grill, 1 x Baking Tray, 1 x Steamer Tray, 1 x Oven Height Extender Ring, 1 x Lid holder, 1 x Single Glove (assorted design) & 4 x skewer forks. Also features detachable power lead plug from inbuilt cooker head mounted socket. This provides much safer and easier removal of lid.
5. The healthier way to cook. The oven distributes heat evenly without additional usage of fats or oils. The oven also retains nutrients and flavour of food and cooks up to 3x faster than a conventional oven.
This new premium Designer Habitat Halogen Oven/Convection Cooker delivers delicious culinary results every time, meaning great oven-baked taste but with microwave convenience.

Its advantages over the traditional oven are numerous. Easier to Clean, faster to cook, greater variety of cooking techniques, energy saving, highly portable, healthier meals, and variable temperature means burnt food is far less likely.

The oven as well as being faster than traditional ovens, also eliminates the hot and cold spots associated often with microwave cooking.

The oven can be used as an overflow oven when throwing a dinner party when extra oven space is required and easily stored in a cupboard for when not required.

One of the most popular features our customers regularly tell us is its self-cleaning function means no washing up or harsh chemicals and stiff elbow grease. One less chore to worry about.

So how does it cook food faster and save energy? Due to its halogen bulb, there is no pre-heating time, and also the halogen bulb produces a more intense and direct heat which is circulated by the integrated high performance fan. So not only does it cook faster, it also uses 75% less electricity than a conventional oven, making this only kinder on your electricity bill but also the environment.
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£31.99 then £9.99 for delivery so how do you get £22.99?
£31.99 plus £9.99 delivery or £42.99 !!
Price now changed on Amazon website also !!!!!!!!!!!!
well I can assure you it was £22.99 when I posted it, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to post it, so I expect as per usual with amazon when they'd sold their quota at that price they changed it
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