'Designer' headphones in PoundLand for £1

'Designer' headphones in PoundLand for £1

Found 31st Dec 2013
Found these today in both of the Uxbridge PoundLand stores and they look almost exactly the same as Philips HA-s160 and JVC Flats headphones. I don't have either of the above myself, so can't compare sound quality but these sound OK (especially for a pound!).
db.tt/0bA…LHy should be a pic of them in front of the Philips ones in Sainsburys
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Sound quality from these is crap, avoid!
PoundLand, the shop that sells 80p goods for £1!
Not much of a designer selling these for a pound

Sound quality from these is crap, avoid!

Yeah they don't come anywhere close to my normal headphones, but the same goes for the Philips and JVC ones, I figured at least these sound as good as cost!
Well I guess someone had to design them so yes, they're designer headphones.
I thought Philips and JVC are electronics brands; didn't know they do designer wear...learn something new everyday oO
Boy these would make excellent birthday gift for my pre-teen nephew.... so I can **** him off.
JVC flats are excellent - they give very detailed sound. I bought a pair when they were cheap and was surprised how good they were.

I doubt these are anywhere near as good, even if the design is similar.


Sound quality from these is crap, avoid!

You probably listen to downloaded illegal music, sound quality is actually outstanding for a pound, especially with genuine songs.
these are actually very good!
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