Desperados 8x330 £4.00 @ Asda Stockport

Desperados 8x330 £4.00 @ Asda Stockport

Found 23rd Jun 2015
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Mega cheap. normally about double that...Good for bbq
hot! normally £5 for 4
Nice beer, heat added
Wow that is good
Which Asda?
very cheap
aldi do a very good copy of this called "sombrero's" but good price for
herrbz, why so cheap?

Who cares, its nice beer
is it nationwide?
Whenever I drink this I want to have a fight, yet I've never had a fight in my life.
ONLINE their (3 x 330ml) for £4.00…tml

So is this ONLY available in Stockport?
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Never seen it below £1/bottle, never seen 8 packs neither, has to be something wrong with these?
Bargain if not
Just picked up 12 boxes from Stockport branch, still loads left, cheers op
The Reddish one best before 31/8/2015
had it in Blackwood too so must be national
Cheers up, got myself 12 cases from West Bridgford, Notts. Had about half a pallet left, if I wasn't moving I'd have bought the lot

Shop worker said they're cheap as they've discontinued the 8 pack box.
Just brought 4 from Manchester Trafford Park, what funny looks I got struggling with them back to the premier inn
picked up three cases in stockport still plenty left thanks op
picked up 6 cases on the way at the entrance - great find
Gorgeous stuff
This is great!! Finally it got its normal price.
Outside UK they keep selling it normally for £1,7 for 3x400ml. Sometimes when in some promotion - £1,5 for 3x400.
So 50p for 330 is very good price!
Desperado? Why don't you come to your senses....
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Definitely national, Asda in Gloucester have loads on sale, heat added
Fantastic deal if it is National.

is it nationwide?

No, Asda. Building Societies don't sell beer :-P
Had a pallet full in Merthyr Asda , dated August 2015
Had these in Radcliffe Asda aswell big pallet full inside front door. 24/6/15
not in our local asda, only get 3 for £4.00!!
4 Pallets in Pudsey branch.

Just picked up 3 packs.
not in our local asda, only get 3 for £4.00!!
Plenty sold by looks of it at Ashton Under Lyne. Picked up 6 boxes. Probs about 10-20 boxes left.
Obviously just a loss leader. I work there, we don't usually sell that pack but I guess maybe the mega stores do. They had a pallet left in Killingbeck today.
not in our local asda, only get 3 for £4.00!!
Spoke to a guy in asda Trafford park he was saying they were all took off the shelf as they shouldn't of been on sale till Thursday, he said you will be able to buy them from midnight tonight £4 for 8 330ml bottles...
Sell by date 31/8/15
not in our local asda, only get 3 for £4.00!!
Just got a load from Trafford Park asda. Dated august 2015 could be why
Went in my local and its £4 or 3! I have never seen a box of 8 so has to be a mistake???
Still loads left in Stockport
Nothing in Lincoln
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