Despicable Me 3 Radio Control Inflatable Fluffy Unicorn (was £29.99) £9.99 @ The Entertainer

Despicable Me 3 Radio Control Inflatable Fluffy Unicorn (was £29.99) £9.99 @ The Entertainer

Refreshed 5th Sep 2018 (Posted 18th Aug 2018)Local
This Jumbo Despicable Me 3 Radio Control Inflatable Fluffy The Unicorn is now just £9.99 at The Entertainer - it's £24.99 at Argos!

Customer reviews are great - love this one below

" You can't beat being chased around the house by a unicorn controlled by a small child. The handset is easy to use (just 2 directions, forwards or round in circles for the unicorn, several directions as the person being pursued by 'Fluffy'...), it's easy to inflate and packs down well for when you want a rest (why would you?!). Although not: 'it's so fluffy I'm gonna die', it is: "so entertaining, you just have to buy it'. "

This is a jumbo rc inflatable unicorn it makes sounds as it moves.

When inflated Fluffy is 34cm high, but will fold down flat for storage.

Suitable for children aged 3+


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Great for the kids.
Good to put away for xmas
Reminds me of Happy on Netflix
Out of stock now.
It's so fluffy!!
Thanks OP! Just bought 10 to put on ebay.
Available on amazon for £9.99, free delivery with prime: Minion ones available too!

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Thanks just bought on amazon with same day delivery!
Now back in stock at The Entertainer
Worth getting to torment the cat with 😄
Is it..... fluffyyyyy ????
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Quidco 2% on The Entertainer. Also on Amazon for this price, free next day delivery.
Read the Amazon reviews, doesn't sound that great.
Sounds like £9.99 might be a bit much.
cute fluffy
Doesn't sound too fluffy given it seems to be made out of inflatable plastic.
Pfffffffff out of stock
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