Despicable Me 3D Blu-Ray £21.99 @ Movietyme

Despicable Me 3D Blu-Ray £21.99 @ Movietyme

Found 30th Nov 2010
This has no release date yet in the UK, but will be February at the very earliest. This is guaranteed region free as Universal do not lock their releases. $31.99 before shipping on Amazon.

This is the 3D active release for 3DTVs and 3D Blu-ray players. Released on December 14.


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Lots of cold votes, any reason?

i havent voted, but i imagine the main reason is £21.99

Great movie I did enjoy this, I'll give you some heat as it is a 3D release

its a good price for where its coming from but you will have to be careful you might get import tax which could make it even more priccy but i gave you some heat

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I have ordered items over £18 from them before and haven't had any import tax added. They seem to ship to the UK in bulk and then ship the item to you from within the UK.

ripoff pricing!

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Really? I couldn't find it cheaper elsewhere, please enlighten me!

States region A @ Axel

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They only quote that because it hasn't been released yet.
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