Despicable Me: Triple Play £13.95 using code @ The Hut

Despicable Me: Triple Play £13.95 using code @ The Hut

Found 18th Feb 2011
first 500 orders only USE CODE: FRI1

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Despicable Me: Triple Play (Includes Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital Copy) Blu-ray View Larger ImageProduct Review
Release Date: 21 February 2011
Gru (Steve Carell) is your average guy, at least that’s what everyone else thinks. He has a secret that is known by very few; he’s a criminal mastermind! He hasn’t been in the news for a long time, since he stole the Times Square JumboTron. He wants to be in the news once again and be recognised for the genius he is, to do so he’s about to steal something big. Something very, very big; the Moon!

To steal the moon he comes up with an ingenious plan. With the use of a shrink ray, Gru is able to shrink the moon, but before he can do so, a cunning super nerd named Vector (Jason Segel) steals the shrink ray from him! Now he must battle Vector in order to become the super villain that he wants to be known as.

Gru adopts three young girls to help him with his plan in stealing the shrink ray back, but doesn’t count on the fact that he may soon become a father to the girls, and have a moral decision whether to live his dream, or become a good dad.
Special Features:
•3 brand new Minion Movies (Home Makeover, Orientation Day and Banana)
•Voices Of Despicable Me
•The World Of Despicable Me
•Despicable Beats
•A Global Effort
•Gru’s Rocket Builder Game
•Super Silly Fun Land Games and feature commentary
•Miss Hattie’s Top Secret Cookie Recipes
•Pocket Blu and U-Control


Was actually 50p cheaper on Wednesday when they had a 10% discount offer - that's why I think the current £1 off for only the first 500 orders today is pretty lame really....

Code wouldn't work for me - damn!

Seems to be working for me OK????

it's gone up to £16.85 >

The Hut seem to be displaying themselves as con artists this weather...:(

Yeah, it was pretty annoying.
No FRI2 code, then they up the prices
I was going to get it for £13.95, had it in my basket, then they raised the price before I got through the checkout >

bla yeah gone up so not buying it now
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