Destiny 2 Xbox One - £26 (+£2 C&C or £3.50 P&P) @ John Lewis

Destiny 2 Xbox One - £26 (+£2 C&C or £3.50 P&P) @ John Lewis



Good price if you can collect. Alternatively it's a penny cheaper delivered at Smyths.
Would it be worth checking HMV or doubtful they still have the offer? I got mine a couple of days after Black Friday in HMV which surprised me!
Got this from amazon for £19.99 a week ago... sadly it’s joined my backlog of games yet to be played Reviews are good tho and hopefully will start playing it next year
Expansion out soon, so that'll add another £30. Personally I'm waiting for the first collection (original + first two dlc) for <£40. Which will probably occur just as the second dlc is released. I spent a lot of time and money on destiny 1 so I know it's the early adopters that really get stung, paying full price for every new dlc
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