Destiny (PS4 - pre-owned) £1.91 Delivered! @ Music Magpie

Destiny (PS4 - pre-owned) £1.91 Delivered! @ Music Magpie

Found 8th May
Credit to those that have already posted 20% off pre owned games at Music Magpie.

There's not much more to say on this other than it being a blockbuster of a deal.

Price shows as £2.39 but 20% off automatically deducted at your basket, which makes it £1.91. Free delivery on all orders. Also c. 3% Quidco/TCB if you want a few more pennies off :-)

In stock at the time of posting.

Here's the blurb in the description:

There are few games that arrive on shop shelves and console dashboards with the weight of quite so much expectation as Destiny. The game is Halo creator Bungie's first new intellectual property since Combat Evolved graced the original Xbox, and it's multi-platform to boot.

The game stays true to Bungie's DNA. It blends epic science fiction with grand visuals and fast-paced first-person-shooter action.

Players are the Guardians of the last city on Earth. In their quest to keep the remnants of humanity safe, they walk the ancient ruins of our solar system - from the red dunes of Mars to the dense jungles of Venus. Wielding epic power, they must fight humanities enemies to attempt to reclaim what was lost when man's Golden Age fell.

What may excite Bungie fans the most, however, is the promise of Destiny's multiplayer aspect. Blending aspects of MMO gaming into what the developer is calling a 'shared world shooter', the game will match players to each other on the fly. Sometimes the result will be co-operative play, sometimes it will be the opportunity to engage in the competitive multiplayer Bungie is famed for, sometimes it will give players the opportunity to visit a shared social space.

A huge array of customisation options for your character that cover both your look and your abilities will mean that no two characters will be the same, and it all comes with you through every mode.

With a persistent world that exists beyond the realms of the disc that comes in the box, however, players can expect that Destiny will always be shifting and changing around them.
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I would've ordered although for some reason destiny randomly appearared in my game library.
It's a fun game no doubt but not very replayable. Worth it for a couple quid.
It wouldn't surprise me if this had more players than the sequel.
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Thanks - finally picked up a copy, couldn't avoid it at this price, especially as it includes free postage.
That's almost free heat added.
Worth playing solo/offline?
Carl189256 m ago

Worth playing solo/offline?

I put about 20 hours in, but the base game won't allow you access to the DLC parts of the map,

Some bosses are crazy hard as they are designed for upto 3 players,

The enemies are very predictable,

They know when you are aiming at them and sidestep to avoid the shot once you commit to it,

A weird problem cropped up when i took on 3 witches when i died, and came back my beast gun had no ammo left,

When i had 3 rounds before the fight, but if you use them and die, it doesn't give you the rounds back the next re spawn,

Making the bosses impossible to beat,

I grinded to level 25 with a co op battle where you join 2 other players to take on 3 big bosses,

I then did all the missions massively over powered on my own,

Supposedly better gear drops above level 25,

I did that in the 2 weeks of free online access with the new Xboxes,

But when i got to the part where i had to open a gate in one area i just gave up,

As the games hud didn't show me the location of it,

I won't buy the DLC version either,

Or Destiny 2,

The game isn't anything special with no end game boss to defeat as it was designed as release a new DLC every 3 months kind of game,

I paid £3, and i am glad i paid no more than that,

As for is it worth it i didn't like it but it's a try at this price and avoid Destiny 2 if you don't like Destiny 1,

Destiny 2 has had big issues in the past and i have been told everyone online has moved to Fortnite or PUBG.
Carl189258 m ago

Worth playing solo/offline?

for under £2 definitely. A lot of PR for the game was based around multiplayer but it also has a decent single player story mode.
Great deal, but can't you just play the base game through the demo?
I bought this before but it said "online only" and as I had no internet I had to sell it.
Now I am online but I dont have PS plus, so I assume it'll be no use to me?
Can I play this offline?
supergirl252 m ago

Can I play this offline?

No you have to be online at all times to play it.
3 left to anyone that wants one!!
Just bought one so only 1 left now
Cex also had it for £2
matx002 h, 52 m ago

Cex also had it for £2

i think that's in store only those isn't it? this included free delivery.
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