Destroy All Humans! Path Of The Furon XBOX 360 £12.99 @Play

Destroy All Humans! Path Of The Furon XBOX 360 £12.99 @Play

Found 27th Jul 2009Made hot 27th Jul 2009
Ah first time posting but thought I'd throw this out there as I didn't see it posted, cheap game for a few laughs.
It's in the credit crunch deals so might not last too long.


This is meant to be ATROCIOUS. A game this awful is not a bargain even at £5. I'm sure I read somewhere that even the developers knew this was a tu rd when they were making it.

Please wise up people. You (hopefully) work hard to earn that money.

Good price ... but by the sounds of it, this game isnt anywhere near as good as the xbox original :?

yes this games rubbish but the price is best around though :P lol

and the the first one and its sequel on ps2 and xbox are much better, and can both be had for around £4-£5 2nd hand each

wonder how they messed it up so much this should have been real good tbh on 360 or Ps3

Damn, loved the original and would've bought this as a bit of fluff.
Thanks for saving me £12 people

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Woot thanks and it looks like the main concern with this game is the graphics, frame rate and slightly repetetive nature.. But for the love of the original ones I ordered one anyway :P it's always fun to abduct cows
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