Destroy All Humans xbox - £5.96
Destroy All Humans  xbox - £5.96

Destroy All Humans xbox - £5.96

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Since Space Invaders, defending the earth against hordes of aliens has been a recurring preoccupation in video games. But how about a game where you play the sinister interstellar interloper, and mankind is your prey. Destroy All Humans! offers just that, as you play Cryptosporidium 137, the one alien vanguard of the evil Furon invasion force.

The Furons, we are told, have dominated the galaxy for millennia. But a penchant for atomic weapons of mass destruction has left their gene pool weak and over-mutated - to the extent that they no longer have the ability to reproduce, and all Furons are now created by cloning. Their only hope lies in the discovery that a primitive planetbound race contains deep in their DNA genome an ancient and uncorrupted Furon blueprint. Crypto must venture where Furons before him have failed and use any means possible - preferably destructive ones - to extract the precious DNA strands from human brain stems. How he does this is down to you, but Crypto has access to a whole host of accumulated Furon techonology: handheld weapons such as the Ion Detonator, Zap-O-Matic ('the friend that fries'), Disintegrator Ray and even the notorious and terrifying Anal Probe

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This ones actually worth the asking price, not as good as DAH2 though. If you like Mars Attacks you'll get right into this.
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