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Hundreds of DRM Free PC games at Desura including "Sale" Games
Found 12th Jul 2015Found 12th Jul 2015
Free's got to be good right? See link for titles. Scroll left and right using arrows to browse through. Others are reduced to free if you browse the main site, eg Netil: http://ww… Read more
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This is only happening because they are shutting down


Wolfenstein isn't available it just manages it, installs mods etc from what i'm seeing


******* stole all my steam keys.


Only had a quick look, but there are some pretty good gems in there, such as ‘Beneath a steek sky’ and ‘Return to castle Wolfenstein’ Old as the hills, of course, but you can’t complain for free!


free is good any recommendations?

SanctuaryRPG Classic game FREE @ Desura
Found 10th May 2015Found 10th May 2015
Apparently the world's first ASCII RPG game. Seems like a decent game. I haven't tried it yet, though it costs £3.74 on Steam but is free on Desura, so by my Maths that's a 100% … Read more
FinderOfDeals released in 2014 released in 1980 And I can tell you now, MUD was all ascii!


Desura has Sanctuary RPG: Black Edition as a separate title. I think Steam and Desura have the same versions for the same prices (although the Steam one is currently 33% off), the only difference being, the game Desura calls SanctuaryRPG Classic, Steam calls a demo of SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition.


Different to the Steam version, which has more content and is dubbed the 'Black Edition'.

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424 Free windows PC games at Desura (including 8 on "sale")
Found 28th Sep 2014Found 28th Sep 2014
As I have not played these games I am unable to give a personal review, so the following is taken from Desura. ---------------------------------------------------------------------… Read more

I don't quite understand what you mean by a "game card". I have downloaded one of these games to test that it works correctly, and it did for me without any kind of game card. I would suggest using a direct download, that way you do not need to sign up to the site, or download the Desura installer. To do this simply click direct download in the pop-up box that appears once you select to install a game from the top right of any of the game pages.


Will I need a game card to play these games.


Thanks, I had somehow missed that. Changed title.


424, nice


(Face palm), ignore my comment it's late lol

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Retention (Free Desura Game) - Steam Key When Greenlit
Found 13th Jun 2014Found 13th Jun 2014
This game is about a person who kept running through his life, never looking back at the past. He rarely slept, and even with 24 hours in a day, it was not enough for him. Once dur… Read more
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Make sure to vote for Retention on Steam Greenlight to also get the Steam key once greenlit! (The same key will be usable on Steam so make sure to keep it saved somewhere!)

Tree Simulator 2013: Treeloaded - 49p @ Desura
Found 14th May 2014Found 14th May 2014
This is no Tree Simulator 2013. This is a new beginning for trees, grass, and gaming as we know it. A complete overhaul with an amazing new feel. Features: DirectX 11 Support Ne… Read more

Wonder if the Fire Brigade get many call-outs. (There's a goat stuck up a tree. Make that eight. Eight goats stuck up a tree. Help us, won't somebody think of the goats!).


Err, it was just developed using the Unity engine - it's not an add-on for unity developers.


WE WANNA BE TOGETHER! (Starring a young Mark Williams!)


I shouldn't have spent the money as the Mrs will be at loggerheads with me but I have took a punt. Heat added. Or should that be charcoal added?


These kind of games really sap the life out of me! Sorry, i'll leaf now before you guys bark at me... ;)

*Free Game* Adventureball (PC) @ Desura
Found 25th Apr 2014Found 25th Apr 2014
***** HARD CHALLENGE GAME ***** Embark on an adventure find the diamonds collect them and try not to die! AdventureBall is a marble platform game and it has 10 unique levels with b… Read more



All depends who is around really, the recent freebie for all the music apps for Android at Amazon was negative when I saw it. Some are only happy for free cat food, if it ain't cat food, cold!


I think people are taking the p*** on this site! Didn't this have like 24 last time I looked? How can anybody vote cold on something that is free?! They need to remove the cold button on 'Freebies' if you dont like, Don't click hot, It freeking free for christ sake!!!

(PC) Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos - 79p - Desura
Found 22nd Apr 2014Found 22nd Apr 2014
I am sorry, I just had to! Looks kind of cool if your into the Sim Tower kind of games. Build and manage your own Call Center in Smooth Operators. Develop client relationships whi… Read more
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I highly doubt it :)


is this good?


This Game as already been Greenlit too. "Will i get a Steam key? 15 February, 2013 - andreas If you buy the game on Desura, and it gets greenlit then yes, you will get a Steam key" It was also in these bundles = Indie Gala 9, Retro Groupee, The Hasty Yet Heroic Majeyal Space Operator Bundle


Voted hot, although I don't need to play this, I live it lol (_;)


It will take a few showers to rid the vile feeling I have right now....... Desura

Desura - Freedom Friday (4 Free PC Games)
Found 12th Apr 2014Found 12th Apr 2014
Fill up your Friday with a fantastic selection of Freedom with Desura’s Freedom Friday on Friday! The first quarter for your Friday fill-up is Hide-n-Seek Winter for Windows, Mac … Read more
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great effort to put this post heat from me.....


Hide-n-Seek Winter After playing a game of hide and seek, little sister Frosty compliments her big brother Choco by telling him that he is the greatest hide and seek player ever. After saying this, the "Hiding Demon" suddenly appears and refuses to believe that Choco is the greatest hide and seek player ever. The hiding demon then kidnaps Choco's little sister and disappears. The hiding demon tells Choco to meet him at the frozen pond in the "Infinite Snow World", a strange alternate dimension world where it snows forever. In order for Choco to rescue his little sister, he must defeat the hiding demon in a game of hide and seek. Project Adventure Game A metroidvania indie game. This game has been inspired by some 8-bit and 16-bit classics such as The Maze of Galious, Castlevania and the like. I am neither a GFX artist nor a coder, so all it’s been done with lots of patience, perseverance and many hours of dedication. Most of the graphics and other elements used in the game are borrowed from resource pages such as PAG is an action and exploration single player game with 2D graphics, in which you’ll have to enter in the depths of a cave divided in several zones to unveil its hidden secrets and succeed in all its challenges in order to finally reach the final battle. 15 zones to explore find 12 items and skills (run, swim, double jump, push blocks and more ...) 5 sub weapons. find 12 collectibles. 5 bosses. 1 mini game and puzzles to solve. Awesome OST with 18 songs. Find secret rooms to expand you ammo or hearts. Full English and Spanish pdf manual in the game folder. Xbox 360 controller compatible. Amodo The word Amodo comes to us by mixing the latin words for "love"(amare) and "betrayal"(prodo) Amodo is a cute indie 2D platformer about friendship, teamwork, jumping and bouncing. Direct the characters through levels by capitalizing on their individual strengths, and by working off of their weaknesses in order to get to the end of each level. The game is about Ji, a little square head walking.. thing. Ji isn't able to jump as high as everybody else but he's got a heart of gold and he loves helping people. One day, Ji met Rae, and they became best friends. They would do everything together and whenever there was a problem they both worked together to solve it. But soon some things get in the way of their relationship and they are split up. You'll have to play the game to see what happens next! It's Dark You are in the woods by yourself. Your torch and camp fire are your only sources of light. Will the fire run out of fuel? Will your torch's batteries hold out? Is there something else in the woods with you? You need to make it back to your ute but can you find it? Everything except for the map is random so each play-through will be fresh.

Desura - Freedom Friday (4 Free PC Games)
Found 7th Apr 2014Found 7th Apr 2014
Nuke-Nin puts you in the role of the Fugitive Ninja. Run for your life and try to survive as long as you can. Ninjas are not much for words, as their words tend to be weapons as we… Read more
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Nice spot mate I really like the look of tr-zero


Nuke-Nin puts you in the role of the Fugitive Ninja. Run for your life and try to survive as long as you can. Ninjas are not much for words, as their words tend to be weapons as well, and they already have a lot of weapons. WizardWizard is a challenging and addicting platformer with tight controls, skill testing puzzles and is all complimented by awesomely crafted beats by _TWC! It’s easy to pick up and play which makes for a fun and social experience at school or on at a lunch break. There are currently 25 levels that are fun and uniquely challenging and all are filled with love and rigorous testing. Zombie Hunter Inc is a top-down shooter with unique mechanics. You play as a zombie hunter for hire and your main goal is to protect your client. Your boss will pay you for each walker you shoot and sell you powerful guns once you get the money. Choose your guns wisely as they, alongside your ability to use them, will play a crucial role in whether you and your client can survive. The main strength of Zombie Hunter Inc is in its unique mechanics. Tr-Zero is a high Speed Arcade Racing featuring XGRA/Fzero style racing, Race/Fight against 40 Bikes, up to 8 player network (19 AI bikes).

Project Zomboid (Steam) £6.69 @ Desura
Found 3rd Apr 2014Found 3rd Apr 2014
£9.99 on Steam. Get it for £6.69 and comes with Steam key. Project Zomboid is an open-ended zombie-infested sandbox. It asks one simple question – how will you die? Whether surviv… Read more

Its in Alpha/Early Access.


Is this the final version now or still in Beta? Fantastic game whatever!

*Free Game* Cave Express @ Desura
Found 21st Feb 2014Found 21st Feb 2014
CaveExpress is a classic 2D platformer with physics-based gameplay and dozens of levels. Master your pedal-powered flying machine to pick up packages from your cave-dwelling client… Read more



Can just find "Single, Multiplayer & Co-Op


I am looking but can't find the answer- is this local co op does anyone know ?

(Steam) Blood of the Werewolf 60% off £2.39 @Desura
Found 6th Feb 2014Found 6th Feb 2014
Blood of the Werewolf is an indie action platformer. Although it's on Desura, it requires Steam. The game has steam cards. Become Selena, loving mother, devoted wife and -- po… Read more

i found enjoyable and challenging


The meta score is 66. But the user score is 8.3 and 8.7 on Desura. So it might be worth a look!

Games under £1 for PC @ Various
Found 19th Jan 2014Found 19th Jan 2014
A list of games available for under £1. This is not for serious AAA gamers but great for casual users, people buying for younger children, indie gamers and people not so bothered a… Read more

Indie Gala have started adding tax for the EU. Moved to 95p :(


Hitman Silent Assassin (Steam) @ Steam added to 99p Hitman Codename 47 (Steam) @ Steam added to 99p Shadowgrounds (Steam) @ HumbleStore added to 63p Millennium 3 (Desura & Greenlight) @ Groupees (add 63p to get 1 & 2)


When trying to purchase Mata Hari, it's coming up as 95p.


Steam is a program you install on your PC. It manages all your games for you updating them if necessary and keeping them all in one place. It also has a lot more features like friends lists, game guides, discussions and a store that has fantastic sales. If someone is gaming on PC then 9 times out of 10 they will be gaming on Steam. You can download it from here:


Have some HEAT!!! Hi sorry if I am being a bit thick but could someone please, Tell me what steam is, If they don't mind. Many Thanks. :D

Pixel Piracy £8.79 @ Desura or illegally download the game, Legally from the Developers website
Found 7th Dec 2013Found 7th Dec 2013
A bit of a Radiohead moment here, the developer of Pixel Piracy wants you to buy his game (Just got Greenlight) for £8.79 from Desura However he also feels people will pirate it a… Read more
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That seems to be becoming a norm, the alphas being sold now, even at full price £30-£40 is crazy But when you put it like that, yeah, they're getting a good deal there plus all the press coverage about it So that's free advertising right there.


It's only an Alpha release anyway. I'd say it's more canny that they have got people to pay to be playtesters!


Good least they have the balls to be different 8)


Makes sense, a bit like a demo (seems like they may have a demo anyway) but not nurfed. It's a good tactic as most people would be honest and probably give them something eventually. Online pirates are never going to pay they are serial downloaders the ones I met. They simply don't care what the software is just to have it.


That's actually very smart. The pirating will happen as they say, even if the game cost 1p. So putting out the torrent themselves, they get to monitor exactly how much piracy is happening. It's also a bit of a guilt trip. I wouldn't download it. First of all it wouldn't activate in Steam :) No steam, no want, unless its some super awesome thing then I'm willing to put up with uplay and crap like that but I'll be sure to moan about it at every opportunity.

Addict (PC Game) Free Today Only @ Desura
Found 13th Nov 2013Found 13th Nov 2013
A mysterious letter from the beloved. A cursed box of abominations. A golden key to a locked door. . . These are the three secrets which await in each dark, dreadful nether of your… Read more

expired :(


showing as just 20% off now


I'm too engrossed in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines for anything else just now, heat for a a free game though, lol.


I can understand not wanting the game and therefore not voting. To vote a free game cold though means you should never be allowed near a keyboard again. Banned for stupidity :D

Paranautical Activity £1.62 @ Desura. Direct Download and Steam Key
Found 3rd Nov 2013Found 3rd Nov 2013
Paranautical Activity combines the classic FPS action of games like Doom and Quake, with the randomness and difficulty of modern roguelikes like Binding of Isaac and Spelunky. It… Read more

Doesn't look £1.62 to me :\


Yeah, it was in groupees be mine 8. Since them Guncraft and Eleusis have also been greenlit from the same bundle.


This was in a bundle when it was on Greenlight so check you don't have it first.