Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut £3.24 @ steam

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut £3.24 @ steam

Found 20th Sep 2016Made hot 21st Sep 2016
I haven't played the game myself but it seems to be very well reviewed and worth a shot at this price.


I never asked for this.

Very good game imo

Got this game for a $1 on gamechangers charity some time ago

Such a great game. Just recently replayed the original and it was tough to get through even with all the mods (mostly visual/fixing bugs/tiny fixes to make the game play better) but it was still tough to get through..... I remember playing it for a couple hundred hours back in the day. Anyways, DX:HR is a game that still holds its own really well, still super fun to play and nice and short to get you in the mood for the latest release.

I'm sure the reviews do say it's some kind of wonderful I just found it a mediocre experience.

Other than the almost game breaking boss halfway through, it's a great game

awesome game, heat added.

Director's cut seems to have gone back up in price everywhere. Anyone know somewhere to get it this cheap?
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