Deus Ex Human Revolution, New, £9.88 delivered Xbox 360/PS3 @ (3% Quidco)

Deus Ex Human Revolution, New, £9.88 delivered Xbox 360/PS3 @ (3% Quidco)

Found 29th Nov 2011
Slightly cheaper alternative to Zavvi, not sure how good are as i've never used them but there are alot of people (including myself) who refuse to put up with Zavvi's pathetic service. Just Ordered this, £7.89 plus £1.99 postage is a bargain.

Add code 10XBOX or 10PS3 for a further 10% off making the final price £9.09
- maria7
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Scratch that you did add postage, heat added

I don't mind Zavvi to be honest, I must be one of the only ones that have never experienced bad service with them.
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Never had bad experience with Zavvi either (yet).

How low can this go??

Feeling pretty smug these days: been exercising amazing self control in the face of all these dirt-cheap but often ace games
I just ordered this using the code 10XBOX which made it £9.09 delivered.

There is also the code 10PS3 for those wanting the PS3 version.
Totally agree that Zavvi suck balls, I'll avoid ordering from them whenever possible..

However, you do realise that Send-It and Zavvi are both part of The Hut Group, so basically the same company, right? Just sayin'..
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I know that The Hut is from the same group as Zavvi but never had any problems with them. Maybe different warehouses dealing with each site possibly? Not sure
Kinda Missing my point a bit.. You're ordering from Send-It because Zavvi suck ****, but Send-It and Zavvi are essentially the same company when all's said and done..
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