Devil May Cry 4 xbox 360 LTD edition £32.99 standard £29.99, @

Devil May Cry 4 xbox 360 LTD edition £32.99 standard £29.99, @

Found 16th Nov 2007
Cheap prices for what hopefully should be a great game.

Standard Edition link £29.99…1-4


Loved previous versions, hopefully this one wil be as good

Thank you so much

What a great find! Cheers

Sorry for not knowing but heard lots of people raving about this game but whats it actually about, the gist of the game and the genre as well.


dmc 3 was fantastic, does anyone know what the difference is between special and standard version as i cant find either anywhere else

Capcom detailed today the contents of its Devil May Cry 4 Collector's Edition. This limited edition package will include the first volume of ADV Films' Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, a special Steelbook case and a bonus DVD containing numerous extras.

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series DVD will have the first four episodes of the 12-episode anime series. The anime DVD will be packaged in the Steelbook case along with the bonus material DVD. The second disc will contain a "making of" feature on Devil May Cry 4, music from the game's soundtrack, a digital art book along with wallpapers, icons and screen savers for your PC.

or say they say anyway so dont shoot me if turns out to be wrong...

should have a free dude... like the bio shock version that would be cool

Still a good price mind :thumbsup:

and for you hardcore gamers how about this" alt="" />

RRP @ 70 quid

49.99 with 5 pound off code from and little quidco to boot...

granted you get no game... but if got this when i was a lad for xmas i would think its the best thing ever
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