Devils Backbone DVD [Del Toro] just £3.99 delivered or less @ HMV + Quidco!!
Devils Backbone DVD [Del Toro] just £3.99 delivered or less @ HMV + Quidco!!

Devils Backbone DVD [Del Toro] just £3.99 delivered or less @ HMV + Quidco!!

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One of his best, if not the best. Next best price, £5.99.
During the Spanish Civil War, newly orphaned Carlos (Fernando Tielve) is taken to a school for the children of those who died fighting against fascism. He is given the bed that formerly belonged to Santi, a boy who recently died during an attack in which a bomb dropped, landing in the school's courtyard undetonated--a constant reminder of impending danger. As the amputee headmistress (Marisa Paredes, ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER) and the embittered caretaker Jacinto (Eduardo Noriega) engage in a love affair, the headmistress' cuckolded lover--the impotent but benevolent school doctor (Frederico Luppi)--sits by passively. After Santi's ghost repeatedly reveals itself to Carlos, another student spooks him with a dark secret about the boy's death. War surrounds the school, violence infests it from within, and Carlos sets out to avenge the death of Santi.
Taking on themes such as the brutality of war and the loss of innocence, Guillermo del Toro's (MIMIC) film skillfully combines elements of war, gothic horror, melodrama, and adventure to create a work that functions as both a genre film and a politically resonant piece of nostalgia. THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE uses history as a means of transforming what would otherwise be a routine ghost story into a powerful and affecting statement.


Not his best, but then it's not as though he's ever done a bad one is it? Voted hot.

Personally I think it is his best; it's a great film! Each to their own!

Bloody brilliant film. Hot!

I quite enjoyed this and a nice bonus that that guy that plays Jacinto is hot!

Oooh and I impressed myself when I spotted the pickled baby jar in Hellboy without being told it was there (I'm easily impressed)

For those who want to know a little more........


:pirate: CJ :pirate:

Beautiful film (as is it's 'sister' Pan's Labyrinth (Del Toro himself coined it that when I was at a Q&A after it's premiere here in the UK)) and well worth £4 of anyone's money.

Incidently, there is a boxset containing Pan's, Devil's and Cronos (an earlier film - a take on vampire mythology) for £12.89 at sendit (quidoco too). Just thought I'd mention it

Cant wait to see what he does with The Hobbit - his imagination is breathtaking.
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