dewalt 1st & 2nd fix nailers 2x 5ah batteries and charger £649 @ Toolstop

dewalt 1st & 2nd fix nailers 2x 5ah batteries and charger £649 @ Toolstop

Found 18th Sep 2016
probably the best nailers available as I have used them both on several occasions but do not own them until I order them in a minute, these used to be roughly £400 bare body so this price is excellent, completely gasless so nail packs are cheaper and a battery should last all day.
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Own both of these , great price I paid £499 for 2nd fix and 2 x 5AH batteries. So great deal for both . They are both around £300 each for body only do £49 for 2 batteries and charger is good . If your not a joiner/carpenter who likes good tools , then I can see why all you DIYers are. Going cold !!!!!!
if any of you cold voters can show me where they can get these cheaper please feel free
great deal don't know why it's cold
hammer = £10
nuff said
If I did not already own the Dewalt 2nd fix gun I would be ordering this kit. Hot, cold votes are obviously just from people who don't need or use professional tools. Why vote cold when you have no idea what something is worth? Is this a good deal, yes.

hammer = £10nuff said

hahaha you obviously dont work very fast id love to see you bracing a roof on price with a hammer, the first fix nailer would save hours of time and time = ££££ pays for itself.

hammer = £10nuff said

​also a £10 hammer what do you do for a living ??? break toffee.
£622.99 delivered at
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