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Posted 16 May 2023

DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander, 12,000 OPM, Brushless Motor for Extra Long Run Time, Bare Tool Only (DCW210B) - £97.75 @ Amazon

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Orbital sander with brushless motor provides runtime and efficiency to get the job done
Variable-speed control of the hand sander from 8,000 to 12,000 OPM to match the speed to the application.
Low-profile height of the power sander allows user to get close to work surface for precise sanding.
International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions
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  1. Rhead's avatar
    Worth the gamble that it doesn’t fail in the first 3 years, but, there is always a but as it’s a US import Dewalt don’t honour the warranty in the UK as far as I’m aware
  2. coldfire3000's avatar
    This is the US import, says sold by Amazon US. I got it in 2021 for £71 so seems expensive for the import version with no UK warranty.
    yubious's avatar
    With inflation and that being a good deal at the time this is still a good price.
  3. guitarguy656's avatar
    As far as I am aware dewalt does some deceptive marketing in the USA and call it 20v as it states the "peak power draw" rather than the average "18v" thus the difference. The units however are identical. I watched some YouTube videos taking them apart and were the same. (edited)
    fastcarmaniac's avatar
    It’s all because Americans think bigger is better (higher voltage number), from owning some of the American versions I can confirm they are identical apart from the labels and are fully compatible with uk/euro equivalents.
  4. spencer24's avatar
    I've had a 20v version for a few years works perfectly with the 18v battery can't fault it.
  5. mark9915's avatar
    20v from the US is equivalent to 18v here but not sure if warranty would be honoured if required.

    UK version available here for £110.41 with code. (edited)
  6. jerrysimon's avatar
    I would pay £13 more for the UK one with 3 year warranty and quick delivery (edited)
    1nstant's avatar
    I dont see any £13 more, link?
  7. Chorx's avatar
    I may be wrong but I believe another "unusual" difference is the orientation of the batteries, US versions appear to have horizontal battery mount whilst we get vertical battery mounting. No idea why this would be, perhaps if any users out there have one of these they could comment on wether they think this might be more or less comfortable?
    Andrew_Smart's avatar
    I have a UK one, and I quite like how the battery gets level with the grip and somewhat helps to hold it with the offset weight and if you have big hands
  8. Jason_AB's avatar
    Got one about 3 years ago and it's still going strong. Think I paid about £68
    But £97 is still well worth it.
  9. izzy25's avatar
    I need the 18V version :((
    248deanc's avatar
    18v here is the same as 20v In US. Or do you mean you want a UK spec 1?
  10. Jez407's avatar
    Ah its the 20v one, thought this was a very good price!!
  11. Argyll68's avatar
    Just be mindful the large flexvolt batteries don't fit in many of these sanders as the dust extraction part impedes it.
    DrDealittle's avatar
    That may be the case for some but not for this model. I have the UK version (comments are saying they're identical) and that has worked fine with a 6A FlexVolt battery
  12. Balsca's avatar
    18v and us 20v are exactly the same. The batteries max charge is 20v however as soon as you put a bit of load on it. It will go to 18v and stay there for 99% of the time until the last 1%. US advertising and descriptions are a bit looser and not as much consumer protection which is why they get away with marketing it as 20v even though it wad only ever at that level before the machine was run.
  13. mbassett9's avatar
    Ordered one of these last year and it didn't last long. Amazon gave me a full refund and I eventually got the UK version from abbey power on eBay, not one problem with the UK one so far.
  14. Poundsandpoundsandpounds's avatar
    How is dust extraction on this? I had the makita version and sent it back because it was garbage for dust extraction.
    DrDealittle's avatar
    My plan is to eventually replace this with a Festool RTS 400 solely on the basis of the dust extraction but that is quite a big step up in terms of price point and relies on having a dedicated separate extractor unit. I'm not sure how this dewalt model compares to others around the £100 mark but I've never been happy with the amount of dust it creates. The bag it comes with is very small and fills quickly but even with a vac attached (beaten up old Henry) it still seems to let out a fair bit. The Festool one (and I am sure others like it) are designed to be used with extractors so when appropriately paired with the right extractor it would onviously do a significantly better job but the sander on its own is nearly 3x the price of this one but you do see professional joiners with these in their workshops for woidwork and also decorators for rubbing down for painting.
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