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Posted 6 September 2022

DeWalt DT71583-QZ High Performance Drill Drive Set 102pc £19.95 @ FFX

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The Dewalt High Performance Drill Drive Set 102pc DT71583-QZ is a 102 piece set that has been designed to be high performance and durable and robust. The 102 drill bits are supplied in a case that fits the TSTAK IV Drawer, allowing for easy storage. This set includes ten SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bits - two 5.5mm, two 6mm, two 7mm, two 8mm and two 10mm, Twelve Metal Drill Bits - one 1.5mm, one 2mm, one 2.5mm, one 3mm, one 3.5mm, one 4mm, one 4.5mm, one 5mm, one 6.5mm, four Hole Saws - one 32mm, one 38mm, one 44mm, one 54mm, one Hole Saw Mandrel, one 5mm Nut Driver, one 6mm Nut Driver, one 7mm Nut Driver, one 8mm Nut Driver, one 10mm Nut Driver, two PH1 25mm, 23 PH2 25mm, one PH3 25mm, two PZ1 25mm, 23 x PZ2 25mm, two PZ3 25mm, one SL4 25mm, one SL5 25mm, one SL6 25mm, one SL7 .2mm, twow T10 25mm, two T15 25mm, two T20 25mm, two T25 25mm, two T27 25mm, two T30 25mm and a Bit holder, all supplied in a heavy duty case.

Features and Benefits:

The case fits the TSTAK system
All bits are organised and easy to see for quick selection
High Performance Bits

Technical Specifications:

Range of sizes - 5.5mm - 54mm

Supplied With:

2 x 5.5mm SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bits
2 x 6mm SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bits
2 x 7mm SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bits
2 x 8mm SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bits
2 x 10mm SDS Plus Masonry Drill Bits
1 x 1.5mm Metal Drill Bit
1 x 2mm Metal Drill Bit
1 x 2.5mm Metal Drill Bit
1 x 3mm Metal Drill Bit
1 x 3.5mm Metal Drill Bit
1 x 4mm Metal Drill Bit
1 x 4.5mm Metal Drill Bit
1 x 5mm Metal Drill Bit
1 x 6.5mm Metal Drill Bit
1 x 32mm Hole Saw
1 x 38mm Hole Saw
1 x 44mm Hole Saw
1 x 54mm Hole Saw
1 x Hole Saw Mandrel
1 x 5mm Nut Driver
1 x 6mm Nut Driver
1 x 7mm Nut Driver
1 x 8mm Nut Driver
1 x 10mm Nut Driver
2 x PH1 25mm
23 x PH2 25mm
1 x PH3 25mm
2 x PZ1 25mm
23 x PZ2 25mm
2 x PZ3 25mm
1 x SL4 25mm
1 x SL5 25mm
1 x SL6 25mm
1 x SL7 .2mm
2 x T10 25mm
2 x T15 25mm
2 x T20 25mm
2 x T25 25mm
2 x T27 25mm
2 x T30 35mm
1 x Bit Holder
1 x Case
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  1. Avatar
    I want mine tomorrow so happy to pay the extra £1.30 for next day delivery lol
  2. Avatar
    I think this is a really nice set for someone starting out. Good range and good sizes. Nice to see the hole saw bits in there, It's a pity there is not a small set of wood bits in there, but unless your drilling lots of wood the metal bits will more than cope with the odd piece of wood drilling.
    I’m definitely that person starting out! Cheers for the tips.
  3. Avatar
    Good price.
  4. Avatar
    Good find
  5. Avatar
    Would this not be better

    Makita 98C263 Drilling and Driving Accessory Kit, 101 pc. amzn.eu/d/i…5a3
    I've got this one and the drill bits aren't great. Broken 2 recently and feel cheap quality
  6. Avatar
    This deal seems to have expired as now showing £90 when go through link (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Showing as almost £90
  8. Avatar
    £89.95 when added to basket?
  9. Avatar
    That’s weird, when I ordered yesterday it was reduced to £20 from £35 odd not £90..
  10. Avatar
    Few websites do this to prevent them paying click through fees
    Try searching for the item itself on the site? Not tried on this one but had it with a few tool purchases recently