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Bare Unit. Limited Stock.

Managed to buy one to collect.

  • Speed control - Variable
  • Tool free blade change
  • Accessories included: 1x wood with nails blade, 1x fast cut wood blade, 1x sanding pad, 25x assorted sanding sheets & 1x universal blade adaptor


Holy S.. thats bargain of the century if anyones got it

Got to checkout, but not in stock.

Not even in stock.

Run out already.... -4 in stock?!

Out of stock. It says "The following items need to be updated- We don't have this product". Shame.

OOS at checkout

Out of stock!!!

What Stock.........Woodstock.......someone on some.... and hallucinating

and no battery mmmm

I managed to place an order for collection. Thanks Op

For me this;

The following items need to be updated

Let me put to basket went to pay & this came up guttediam

Heat for deal just not for me..

We don’t have this product

x 1
DeWalt XR 18V Cordless Multi Tool DCS355N-XJ-BARE
Product code : 5035048440964
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managed to get an order in on time , delivering tomorrow supposedly . Waiting for a cancelation email.

Placed an order for this earlier but not had email confirmation as yet for the home delivery (£15 del'd)

Confirmation email for delivery tomorrow. - Arrived yesterday ;-)
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Only -46 in stock

It's appaerntly in stock in my local store - but "we don't have this" comes up when I try to home deliver or click and collect.

Don't know what I need it for but ordered

damn.... would have been great as have the 18v XRP battery units but -49 in stock!

Con artists

no luck for me
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OOS in Milton Keynes. You can go though the whole booking process then it tells you at the end that 'We dont have this product'.

No luck my end and called 2 stores

32494277-ownIT.jpg Ordered! Collecting tomorrow...
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Doesn't seem to be in stock anywhere!

Many thanks op, i managed to place an Online order for 4, then tried to get some on collection but that doesnt work for the 4 B&Q's near me.

Here's hoping

It’s another scam so you register with them

It was one of them Tony's.................................Tony one available and Tony one got it

Ridiculous website!! Add up all the time we've wasted. In stock at all my local stores . . . but -66 in stock when I check. "Do you want to change your order to -66", I'm asked . . .

Will be adding their emails to Google spam engine for the bs website with false info , non exist deals even though they say in stock at local stores

Kept trying; says 66 in stock but won’t let me pay for it,, HATE B&q website grrrrrrrrrrrr

ipsa8 m ago

Will be adding their emails to Google spam engine for the bs website with …Will be adding their emails to Google spam engine for the bs website with false info , non exist deals even though they say in stock at local stores

Oh come on!

How many of you suckers seriously expected B&Q to sell you a £139.99 current stock line pro-quality DeWalt multi-tool for a tenner?

It's an obvious mis-price which the B&Q stock system will not even let you purchase. Nothing ventured, nothing lost

Paid for online and got email confirmation, but been into Enfield branch non in stock and non in other stores and can not order, fingers crossed they honour online order

Plenty of stock until you checkout these b&q deals are useless never any stock

oos at checkout

Checked the Halifax store no stock there

OOS in all the stores I checked, OOS online.

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In stock at my local store

Wings187 m ago

In stock at my local store

which store and for what price please?

Same price on Trade Point. I just ordered 2 more for collection tomorrow.

Got one from Acton store

About 3 minutes. Hope it helps someone
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