Dewars 12 year old whisky. Lowest ever Amazon price - £23

Dewars 12 year old whisky. Lowest ever Amazon price - £23

Found 10th Oct 2017
Lowest ever price for this 12 year old blend according to CamelCamelCamel. Usually hovers around the £30 Mark so looks like a cracking deal at £23.

On my list to try when the price was right to buy, so that's today then . Others who have already drank can give merits of the whisky.
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Arh just bought a glenfiddich . Should i...
Thanks Op

Will shortly have a dram...of two...
Its still available
@akexuk look in the box below the main price box, "other sellers". Amazon have their own price down there, still £23.
Cheers OP.

Ordered for delivery once stock arrives.
You're right guys. Thanks. Ordered and voted hot!
Perhaps one of the better blends but why go for a blend at this price when Single Malts are available for a couple of £ more.
Decent price but not a very good whiskey
Now £22 and having polished off my bottle last night I think it's a great whisky for this price
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