Dewy's Adventure (wii) - £4.89 in-store at Sainsburys

Dewy's Adventure (wii) - £4.89 in-store at Sainsburys

Found 19th Feb 2009
Another bargain I managed to find down my local Sainsburys, Dew'ys Adventure for the Wii for under £5.

From the same creator of the acclaimed Eledees, Dewy's Adventure is yet another compelling and unique Wii title from Konami. It's set in a world where pure water and green forests have flourished and which once enjoyed centuries of peace and prosperity under the careful watch of the Elder Tree.

The game has received average reviews with an average of 67 on, including a rating of 84 from Official Nintendo Magazine, saying:

"Konami's willingness to put the Wii's controls to good use without making a gimmick-laden game pays off once again - Dewy is great fun, if slightly infuriating for all the right reason."

According to, the next cheapest from reliable retailers is £8.99, so, although it's not a huge saving, every little helps.

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